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Saint Peter’s University offers more than 50 majors and minors from biology and business to physics and criminal justice. We’ll help you refine your interests; just click through the choices below and see what matches your passion!



Learn to prepare and analyze crucial business information such as financial statements, tax returns and management reports.

Africana Studies

Examine the interconnected historical, cultural, artistic and political forces of African-American, African and Caribbean peoples.


The anthropology major presents a holistic examination of the human condition past and present. It draws on four interconnected a subfields: archeology, physical, linguistics and socio-cultural anthropology.

Applied Science and Technology

Build a strong foundation in biological chemistry, biotechnology and physics to prepare for graduate study or careers in industry, clinical laboratory testing, the health professions, or research.

Art History

Gain knowledge of art's historical development and structural forms, expand skills in analysis and evaluate artistic creations.

Asian and Asian-American Studies

Explore the vastness and complexity of the Asian experience, establishing a foundation in at least one Asian language and traveling/living in Asia.

Biological Chemistry

Build a strong foundation in biochemistry, understand ethical and moral issues of the field as well as its impact on humanity, society and history


Biology students investigate and understand the structure, function and interrelationships of biological systems at all hierarchical levels: from cells to ecosystems.


Gain knowledge of the biomedical aspects of biotechnology through a multidisciplinary approach, applying concepts in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics.


Develop analytical, problem solving and data-driven decision making skills for business problems. Learn to respond to ethical dilemmas. Understand core concepts in marketing, management, finance, and accounting.

Business Administration

A degree option for busy adults that recognizes the full range of your abilities in a convenient and flexible format.

Business Analytics

Learn to extract knowledge from data and drive decision-making through quantitative methods from statistics, computing and business.


Work hands-on through laboratory, research and classroom experiences to build an in-depth knowledge of traditional and emerging areas of chemistry and biochemistry.

Classical Languages

The Department of Modern & Classical Languages provides an excellent preparation in numerous languages and literatures at the undergraduate level which will allow the student to communicate effectively in target languages other than English, both in professional and colloquial environments.

Clinical Laboratory Sciences Collaborative Program

Gain a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sci­ences with a concentration in Cytotechnology or a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science in this collaborative program with Rutgers University.

Communication and Media Culture

Study oral, written and visual communication through mediated theory, ethical practice, culture and skill-based learning. Prepare for careers in traditional and new media or further graduate study.

Communication and Public Relations

Gain expertise in utilizing media to promote and go to market, strategic communication plans and analysis, brand development and practice, creating press releases, and identifying and effectively respond to crisis situations.

Computer and Information Sciences

Utilize our state-of-the-art computer labs and get hands-on learning in job-market driven computer languages, databases and applications, web development, network construction, and cyber security.

Criminal Justice

Build a strong foundation in theory, practice, law, ethics, and research, and with specializations in police administration, law & justice, investigative sciences & profiling, corrections, research & intelligence analysis, and cyber security and computer forensics.

Cyber Security

Learn to understand cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, and be able to help defend computer systems against cyber-attacks.


Explore cell types and tissues of vertebrates on the microscopic and submicroscopic levels disposition of tissues in the various organs through hands-on laboratory.

Data Science

Uncover new knowledge from data, and make an impact on nearly every field including business, health, science and the arts.

Dentistry (Pre-Dentistry)

Build the exceptional performance record you'll need in science and mathematics courses for dental school. We'll help you plan for admission tests, select internships or research experiences, and apply.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing and social media engagement is transforming consumer behavior and the way customers interact with brands, companies, products and services. This new concentration gives students the necessary tools and skills to understand consumer behavior in the digital and mobile world and thrive in the rapidly evolving field of data-driven marketing.


Study how individuals and firms make optimal decisions and how governments can stabilize economic activity. Prepare for the application of these skills in professions in business, government, and higher education.


Prepare for teaching on all school levels and leadership in higher education. Develop the professional attitudes and behaviors that emphasize the enormous responsibility of an education professional.


Cultivate an appreciation of literature as an art, a recognition of its relation to life, and develop thinking, speaking, and writing skills.

Environmental Studies

Use creativity and problem-solving skills to apply ideas and methods from the natural and social sciences, business and humanities to maximize sustainability and generate solutions to environmental problems.

Esports Business

This one-of-a-kind specialization, offered through the University's School of Business, emphasizes the business side of Esports. Students are immersed in the culture of Esports while gaining skills in planning and strategy, event management, business development, marketing, and finance.

Exercise Science

Acquire a strong foundation in the physical, social, and behavioral sciences, coupled with the principles of exercise science and kinesiology, to advance wellness and fitness.


Study models for making short-and long-term financial management decisions, the valuation of financial assets, and the management of investment portfolios. Gain the expertise to succeed in today’s globalized financial world.

Fine Arts

Painting, Drawing and Sculpture skills and techniques are explored. An appreciation of Art History and Music broadens ones understanding of the impact art has on society.

Forensic Science-Biology

Forensic science concentration provides a strong foundation in both analytic and critical thinking skills needed to approach the varied problems faced by forensic scientists today.

Forensic Science-Chemistry

Merge a strong background in chemistry developed with theory, analysis, hands-on laboratory, research skills and data collection with forensic science principles, techniques and procedures.


Listen, speak, write and comprehend the French language and literature. Communicate effectively both in professional and colloquial environments.

Gender & Sexuality

Explore the social construction of gender, the significance of gender in structuring human social life, sexuality, and the contributions of women and LGBTQ individuals to history and culture.

General Studies

Take an interdisciplinary approach to Professional Studies with this concentration.

Graphic Arts

Study visual concepts, using computer software and by hand to communicate ideas of design, printing, resolution, color, web and presentation to captivate consumers/clients.

Health and Physical Education

Gain a solid foundation in the physical, social, and behavioral sciences as well as in the principles of teaching and learning to promote wellness and fitness.

Health Information Management

Develop expertise in managing patient information and medical records, administrating computer information systems and coding of medical diagnoses and procedures in this collaborative program with Rutgers University.

Health Sciences

Preparing students for positions within the healthcare industry by building comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to improve health outcomes, and by addressing complex issues that affect today’s dynamic health science environments.


Discover the patterns of history from stories of the ancient world and modern era. Gain understanding of events in context of time and place.

Human Resource Management

The HRM concentration provides a strong grounding in organizational theory, leadership and motivation, HR policies and legal issues and an applied understanding of employee recruitment, development and retention. Key course content in areas such as staffing, compensation and benefits, training, labor and employee relations help prepare students for roles in human resources in a variety of industries.


Take courses in Literature, English, Fine Arts, Communications, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy and Theology.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Improve workplace performance and gain the know-how to analyze big data in a business setting. A heavy emphasis is placed on developing students’ research and analytical skills as well as the core skills and knowledge of Industrial Organizational Psychology. Scholar-practitioners bring the latest human behavior theories to the classroom.

International Business

Examine global business and multinational corporations. Analyze and develop management strategies within the context of dynamics of political, legal, cultural and socioeconomic environments of the international business landscape.


Listen, speak, write and comprehend the Italian language and literature. Communicate effectively both in professional and colloquial environments.


Learn to gather, write and produce news for a variety of platforms with emphasis on principled and ethical practice to prepare for careers in media.

Latin American & Latino Studies

Enrich your academic, professional and personal understanding and expertise on Latin-America, the Caribbean, and Latino communities in the United States.

Law (Pre-Law)

Design and get help planning your academic program path in preparation success with the LSAT exam, selecting internships, and applying to law school.

Legal Studies

Gain discipline-specific knowledge to manage and advance your career with data-driven decision making skills and ethical standards in business.

Marketing Management

Understand the business activities involved in the flow of goods and services from production to consumption. Gather and analyze marketing data for executive decision making.

Marketing Science

Earn a marketing science Master’s degree that teaches marketers how to leverage artificial intelligence, mobile data, business analytics and social media listening.

Master of Higher Education in General Administration

Prepare yourself for leadership in a wide range of higher education settings.


Enrich your thinking process focusing on essential concepts and techniques to "reason quantitatively, draw accurate conclusions from data, apply problem-solving strategies, and think analytically and logically".

Medical Laboratory Science

Gain a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sci­ences with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science in this collaborative program with Rutgers University.

Medicine (Pre-Med)

Build the exceptional performance record you'll need in science and mathematics courses for medical school. We'll help you plan for admission tests, select internships or research experiences, and apply.

Modern & Classical Languages

Listen, speak, write and comprehend targeted languages and literature. Communicate effectively both in professional and colloquial environments.


Discuss composers, styles and representative works within major time periods while exploring the vast selection of performance accomplishments.

Natural Science

Chose an interdisciplinary approach in Natural Science studying in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics and psychology concentrations.


Practice competent, ethical and empathetic care to promote maintain and restore health utilizing the breadth of knowledge, skills, and values needed for professional nursing practice.

Organizational Leadership

This certification covers aspects of management, leadership, decision-making and intercultural relations.


Prepare for a future career in pharmacy in this combined degree program with Rutgers University that leads to a Bachelors of Science from Saint Peter’s and a Doctor of Pharmacy from Rutgers.


Search for fundamental truths about the nature of human existence and develop the critical faculties to reason well, analyze problems, and articulate insights in oral and written form.


Ignite creative passion by learning digital and film camera operations and darkroom and lighting techniques. Develop a personal style while building a professional portfolio.

Physical Therapy

Prepare for a future career in physical therapy in this combined degree program with Rutgers University that leads to a Bachelors of Science from Saint Peter’s and a Doctorate in PT from Rutgers.

Physician Assistant

Prepare for a future career as a physicians assistant in this combined degree program with Rutgers University Seton Hall University that leads to a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Saint Peter’s and a Master of Science in PA from the respective partner school.


Study classical mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, atomic and nuclear structure, the special theory of relativity, quantum phenomena, molecular spectra, radioactivity, fission and fusion and elementary particles.

Political Science

Engage with professors, students and internships to discover, study and understand the political ideas, institutions and forces that shape your community, your world and your future.

Pre-Professional Health-Related

Prepare for a career in pharmacy, physical therapy or as a physician assistant in these combined degree programs that lead to a Masters or Doctorate degree from the respective partner school.

Professional Studies

Develop your own degree program to match your career goals and/or your employer's needs.


Study the human mind and explore the various fields of psychology as an approach to solving problems and discovering new knowledge in a diverse world.

Public Administration

Prepare for a rewarding, high-impact career in government, nonprofit organizations, international institutions and private sector businesses that are dedicated to the public good.


Investigate illnesses and help treat cancer in this collaborative program between Saint Peter’s University and Englewood Hospital School of Radiography

Social Justice

Explore the thought and work of social justice, the thought and practice of nonviolence and peacemaking and the peace and justice teachings of the world’s faith traditions in this multi-disciplinary minor.

Social Sciences

Pursue a concentration in Social Sciences and take electives in Africana Stud­ies, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, Political Science, Sociology, Urban Studies, Social Justice, Latino Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies.


Examine Sociology both as a practicing profession and scientific discipline, learning research methods, concepts, theories, and findings about the social world.


Listen, speak, write and comprehend the Spanish language and literature. Communicate effectively both in professional and colloquial environments.

Sport, Event and Hospitality Management

This concentration provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the sport, event, and hospitality industries. Students will learn about the management and marketing of events, hospitality sales and marketing, sports and entertainment marketing, customer service, and more.

Sports Management

Acquire pertinent knowledge and industry insight to become successful sports executives, managers and professionals including sound leadership and choices in both successful and challenging circumstances.

Theatre Arts

Gain knowledge of theatre history, cultural and intellectual appreciation of the structural principles and style while becoming acquainted with culturally significant artists.


Embark on the mystery of God’s relationship with humanity, analyzing doctrinal, biblical, spiritual, historical, and moral issues that make up the tradition.

Urban Studies

Examine of the human condition past and present holistically through ethnicity, social class, globalization, intercultural and gender sensitivity.

Visual Arts

Develop skills, techniques and appreciation of the arts of Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Art History. A professional portfolio is developed for a career in the arts.

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