M.S. in Finance


Graduate STEM Programs at Saint Peter's UniversityWhether you are advancing your career, prepping for financial certification exams, or expanding your suite of finance skills, our Master of Science degree in Finance will provide you with the expertise to succeed in today’s globalized financial world.

Offered through our highly regarded school of business, our innovative curriculum goes beyond the topics traditionally covered by other institutions. The program emphasizes a balance between macro and microeconomics, focuses on comparative central banking, stresses the history of financial economic thought and addresses issues related to financial ethics.

At a Glance

Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Finance
Concentrations: Global Finance, Quantitative Finance
Course Locations: Jersey City Campus
Program Duration: 30 Credits: A full‐time student taking 30 credits/year should complete in 9 months (Part Time: 15 credits/year in 21 months)
Calendar: Trimester (11 weeks)
Course Format: Classes meet in person Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 9:25pm

Land your preferred position

Coursework in the MS in Finance degree is taught by highly regarded faculty scholars, who provide mentorship as well as the expertise for you to succeed. Best of all, small class sizes and hands-on learning not only prepare you for big opportunities, but also, give you a real feel for Wall Street.

To earn the MS in Finance degree, the student must complete 30 credit hours at the graduate level, consisting of eight required courses (24 credits) and two electives in a concentration (6 credits).

Less Time. More Reward.

Hone your skills and earn an advanced degree in less time with our accelerated five-year program. With this unique pathway, you will master the top finance skills industry leaders say are difficult to find. Finish faster and cut down on costs by taking up to four graduate courses in your senior year, then transition to graduate studies full-time and complete your graduate degree.

Accelerated BS/BSBA to MS in Finance Program

Saint Peter’s University offers an Accelerated Five-Year MS in Finance degree program for our undergraduates.

The Accelerated BS/BSBA to MS in Finance program offers several advantages. The program:

  • Accelerates the attainment of an advanced degree
  • Facilitates seamless transition to a master’s degree
  • Increases students’ marketability in the workforce
  • Saves students time and money

Accelerated BS/BSBA to MBA Program

Accelerated BS to MBA Program
Accelerated BSBA to MBA Program

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Accelerated BS to MSA Program
Accelerated BSBA to MSA Program