Asian and Asian-American Studies

Asian and Asian-American Studies

“Dr. Boshart’s South China trip to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Hong Kong got me excited about studying in Asia. It was so excitingly different and, even though being in a very commercialized communist country and yet visiting important Buddhist shrines and monk-filled temples, almost seemed surreal. The trip really opened my eyes to the importance of travel: not only unforgettable experiences but genuinely educational in value. Since then I have been able to study for a semester in Korea at the Jesuit Sogang University in Seoul.” – Sam Habib ’12

It’s a challenge for the western mind to appreciate the vastness and complexity of the Asian experience.

But in the Asian and Asian-studies program you get the opportunity to explore these mysterious and powerful cultures—the vast world that is Asia and the Asian experience in the United States.

Our program consists of courses selected from throughout the University curriculum which deal substantially or entirely with Asia and/or the Asian-American diaspora to give you ample training in virtually every area of human endeavor as this relates to Asia or Asian-America.

You gain a strong foundation in at least one Asian language as well as introduction and capstone courses that are designed to help you appreciate the Asian experience along with opportunities to travel and/or live in Asia (such as our Sogang University, Korea Exchange program).

The Asian and Asian-studies program (major and minor) prepares you for a variety of careers from diplomacy to international business to tourism.