Pre-Med / Pre-Dental Programs

Pre-Med / Pre-Dental Programs

Interested in attending medical school or dental school?

The Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Program is designed to prepare you to attend medical or dental school after graduation from Saint Peter’s University.

We can help you choose your academic program, plan for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or the Dental School Admission Test (DAT), select appropriate internships or research experiences and apply to medical or dental school.

Medical and dental schools do not require specific majors; however, they do require exceptional performance in a series of very specific science and mathematics courses including biology with lab, chemistry with lab, physics with lab, calculus, statistics, and organic chemistry with lab.

We also recommend that students take biochemistry.

Admission to medical or dental school also requires very high scores on the MCAT or DAT exams.

Contact us as early as possible for information and guidance about preparation for medical or dental school, the application process and the undergraduate courses required.