Sociology, Urban Studies & Anthropology

Sociology, Urban Studies & Anthropology

“Consistent with the mission of Saint Peters University, we expect our students to be deeply committed to learning about the environment around them, thirsty to learn more about it and, as graduates, able to make the world a better place.” – Dr. David Surrey

Why is our society organized the way it is with some groups controlling more power and resources than others?

How did we get this way? And how can we change in ways that reflect our care and concern for others?

You can explore these and other questions with a major or minor in sociology and urban studies. Over half of our classes have moved beyond the walls of the University to include community-learning components. These community immersion experiences help you explore career possibilities with local governmental and community-based organizations as you perform evaluations and plan programs. You will gain real-world experience by conducting research projects, holding conferences and building new research skills.

Many of our students go on to explore career and graduate school opportunities in anthropology, sociology, urban studies and related fields.

Anthropology Major

Ruth Benedict stated that the purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences. The anthropology major presents a holistic examination of the human condition past and present. It draws on four interconnected a subfields: archeology, physical, linguistics and socio-cultural anthropology. Students with the anthropology minor are not only able to enter graduate school but work in a wide-range of fields that improve the human condition.