Modern & Classical Languages

Modern & Classical Languages

“Whether traveling around Italy or in Little Italy, the Italian language program at Saint Peter’s University takes to heart the Jesuit value of educating students in and outside the classroom”– Joseph S. ’11

Broadening. Life-changing. Fulfilling.

That’s the kind of experience you’ll have when you choose a modern and classical languages major at Saint Peter’s University.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures offers majors in and minors in Classical Languages, Classical Civilization and Spanish, and minors in French and Italian.

Students in our program love the small classes, dynamic teaching and interactive learning.

For those who are seeking a true linguistic challenge, the department offers “Romance-Language Synthesis” in which students go from learning the alphabet to reading and discussing novels in three languages simultaneously: Spanish, French and Italian.

Our popular World Language Program works with the Asian and Latino studies programs, as well as with a study-abroad program, to offer you the opportunity to travel abroad. Students have recently traveled to Ukraine, France, Spain, China, Argentina, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Italy, Mexico, and Japan.

Whatever your chosen destination you acquire the native language, become familiar with its history, culture, and traditions, and then experience the joy of living and working (and speaking) in that culture.