“The Philosophy Department at Saint Peter’s University offers a good mixture of Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Logical, and Moral Philosophy courses. The Philosophy professors and courses have helped me to grow intellectually, even beyond what I thought was possible.”– John H.

Philosophy means “the love of wisdom.”

It is the quest for a comprehensive understanding of the world and the study of the principles of individual and social conduct—a search for fundamental truths about the nature of human existence.

Major areas of philosophical concern include logic, ethics, epistemology, metaphysics and the history of philosophy. From the classical (Plato’s Republic) to the contemporary (Humanoids, Morals and Machines), courses in this oldest field of study are relevant and applicable to nearly every professional field.

The philosophy department offers courses leading to the Bachelor Arts degree with a major and minor in Philosophy.

Training in philosophy enhances your ability to solve problems, to understand and express complex ideas, and to develop critical thinking skills that are transferable to any academic discipline.

It also develops the understanding and appreciation of those things that ultimately make life worth living.