Computer and Information Sciences

Computer and Information Sciences

“I enjoyed my time studying Computer Science at Saint Peter’s University, from the courses that I attended to the projects that I participated in and the teamwork with students in between. Not only were my professors and academic adviser extremely helpful, but they also encouraged creativity throughout my time there and it is thanks to them that I am working in information technology today. Their guidance and ongoing support helped me to first obtain experience in technology support through an internship and later land my first job outside of college as an entry-level IT professional. The best thing about studying Computer Science at Saint Peter’s was the availability of the professors and knowing that someone was always there if you ever needed help.”– Ismaila Pasquier-Gueye ’13

Computers power our world.

From every aspect of business to everyday life, computers are being utilized more and more every day. With the growth of computers, the job market for software engineers, network designers, security experts and “big data” analysts has risen to an all-time high.

In the late 1960’s, Saint Peter’s University was a pioneer in computer science education and today continues on the cutting-edge of this dynamic and high-potential field.

Our expert faculty and state-of-the-art computer labs provide you with hands-on learning in job-market driven computer languages, databases and applications, web development, network construction, cyber security and “big data.”

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers three undergraduate programs (Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security and Computer Science) leading towards the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science as well as minor programs in computer science and cyber security. Students majoring in criminal justice can also pursue a concentration in cyber security and crime forensics.

The department also offers two graduate programs (Cyber Security and Data Science).

Department faculty participate in the M.B.A. in Cyber Security program and the Bachelors of Professional Studies Cyber Security Concentration program, which is fully online.

Accelerated BS/BA to MS in Cyber Security Program

You can earn your undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a MS in Cyber Security in five years through our Accelerated Program.

Entrance into the MS Cyber Security Prorgam is open to those students pursuing the BS in Computer Science, students in the Criminal Justice program if they are pursing a concentration in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, Mathematics majors if they are minoring in Computer Science, and any student from any major that is minoring in Cyber Security or has completed an Internship in the University Cyber Security Center.

For more details, see the program description: Accelerated BS/BA to MS in Cyber Security Program.

Fall 2018 Cyber Security Schedule of Events (PDF)

Accelerated BS to MS in Data Science Program

You can earn your undergraduate degree and a MS in Data Science in five years through our Accelerated Program.

Data Science is the discipline that integrates scientific methods from statistics, computer science and business management to extract knowledge from data to drive decision making. This program is designed for students with a background in computer science, applied science, business, or economics. For preparedness, students need to be currently enrolled in a BS program.

For more details, see the program description: Accelerated BS to MS in Data Science Program.