Social Justice

Social Justice

Appreciate the dignity of each person.

Understand the systemic causes of social oppression. Dismantle unjust social structures. Imagine, and then create, social structures that lift up our human family and protect our home, the earth.

This is the work of social justice.

The social justice program at Saint Peter’s University offers you a multi-disciplinary minor that emphasizes the thought and work of social justice, the thought and practice of nonviolence and peacemaking and the peace and justice teachings of the world’s faith traditions.

You are encouraged to engage in our numerous social justice workshops and lectures, local, national, and international works of service and justice both in the U.S. and in El Salvador, and seminars on nonviolence and peacemaking.

Each year during the Michaelmas ceremony, the social justice program awards the Philip Berrigan Social Award to that social justice student who excels both in academic and social justice work.