I have grown so much over the past few years at Saint Peter’s University.  I have had so many wonderful opportunities here, such as spending a study abroad semester in Barcelona, working directly with my professors in interesting research related to my major, and getting great advice and assistance on internships and careers.  Your professors and career advisors here really get to know you personally and help prepare you for the challenges of real world.  – Katherine J. ’13

Featured Students from the Class of 2021 Guarini School of Business

Top 60 International Business Schools and College ProgramsLet’s get down to business.

At Saint Peter’s University you can choose from nine exciting fields:

Saint Peter’s also offers a five-year combined B.S./M.S. degree in accountancy and a certificate program that enables students who have completed an undergraduate major in accountancy to earn the additional credits needed to sit for the CPA exam.

Because we are located at the heart of the world’s largest business hub—the New York metro area—business students can take advantage of career-building opportunities, internships, conferences and other business experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our small class sizes allow professors to mentor their students individually. This creates many opportunities for student-faculty interaction, conversations, debates and business research projects.

As a Jesuit university we emphasize the importance of personal morality and ethics to prepare our students for careers in the challenging arena of business and global competition.

And our diversity of students from around the world brings cross-cultural business perspectives to life and enhances the classroom experience.

Thanks to a successful network of graduates and long-term corporate contacts, our business students are in demand by employers across the globe.

*New Esports Business Specialization

Accelerated BS to MBA/MSA Programs

You can earn your undergraduate degree and an MBA/MSA in five years through our Accelerated Programs.

The Accelerated BS to MBA/MSA programs offer several advantages. Each program:

  • Accelerates the attainment of an advanced degree
  • Facilitates seamless transition to a master’s degree
  • Increases students’ marketability in the workforce
  • Saves students time and money

For more details, see the program descriptions:
Accelerated BS to MBA Program
Accelerated BS to MSA Program