“The mathematics program at Saint Peter’s has been extremely enriching because I have had the opportunity to learn a subject I love from a group of professors who are not only excellent at what they do, but genuinely care about the students and the subject.” – Adam P.


In Greek, it means “I found it.”

In mathematics, it means you’ve solved a challenging problem.

Mathematical concepts and techniques are essential in a wide variety of theoretical and practical disciplines.

Whether it’s algebra, calculus or probability, the thought processes you develop during the analysis of mathematical problems carry over into countless other fields of human endeavor.

An advanced level of mathematical maturity, as well as enhanced logical thinking and problem solving skills, are extremely useful in any profession.

And professional graduate schools look favorably on mathematics majors because it develops your analytical skills and ability to work in a problem solving environment.

So, while you are building a foundation for work in mathematics, you’re also gaining valuable career preparation.