When I came to Saint Peter’s I knew I wanted to major in history, but I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I could do with it. Throughout my four years of taking history classes, I learned how to find reliable sources, how to fact check everything, how to read and write to the best of my abilities, and much more. I also realized that there is no one things you can do with a history degree. With my degree in history, I was able to join the museum education team at the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. I still use everything I learned in my classes and really feel that if I didn’t get my Bachelor’s in history, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work in this amazing place. — Chayanne Hyde ’17, Museum Educator at the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum in Manhattan

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


History is everywhere and everything has a history: film history, art history, sports history, military history, economic history, Classical history, Medieval history, Renaissance history, modern history, post-modern history, the history of science, the history of medicine, and the history of media and journalism are only some of the most commonly studied sub-topics in the field. History is also the basis for several other disciplines including anthropology, archaeology, political science, sociology, and urban studies, and provides important context and insight for disciplines such as literature, philosophy, and international business. Increasingly popular cultural studies, such as Asian studies, Africana studies, and Latinx studies, all have their roots in history, too. Truly, there is a historical subject to interest everyone!

What can you do with a major in history? Practically anything.

Our students learn the essential skills all employers are looking for:  critical reading, extensive research, succinct writing, analytical thinking, confident oral communication, and strong interpersonal skills. Our graduates move on to a variety of careers. They become professional historians; they teach, practice law, work in government and business and some even enter the medical profession. The future is wide open for our graduates with a B.A. in History.