“Not knowing what field I would enter after college, I enjoyed history and so became a history major. Being a history major was exciting and a true blessing, even though I did not know it at the time. The world perspective I learned from Saint Peter’s History Department was invaluable in relating to guests from all over the world. ”– Eugene F., ’80 (restaurant owner)

History fires your imagination.

History helps you understand people and societies, how things change and how the world you live in came to be.

Follow the currents of history from the stories of Greece and Rome to the American Revolution and the Cold War.

History helps you to find patterns. Gain perspective. Learn to understand the meaning of events in the context of their time and place.

What can you do with a major in history? Practically anything.

With highly developed communication and research skills and the heightened ability to think critically, our graduates move on to a variety of careers.

They become professional historians; they teach, practice law, work in government and business and some even enter the medical profession. The future is wide open for our majors.