Advance a vision for the future in higher education.

The Master of Arts in Education Online program is designed to prepare students for leadership in a wide range of higher education settings, including: Admissions, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Marketing, Institutional Research and Diversity initiatives within community college, four year college and university administration, state and national public policy agencies, government offices, professional associations, regional and coordinating bodies and accrediting agencies.
The 33 credit program, delivered fully online, provides students with a strong understanding of higher education theory, research; data based decision making, administrative practice, policy and strategic prioritization.

At A Glance
Degree Awarded: Master of Arts in Education Online
Course Locations: Online
Program Duration: 33 credits
Calendar: Semester, including summers
Course Format: Online

Curriculum General Requirements
Ge680 History of American Higher Education 3
Ge681 Ethical Decision Making and Social Responsibility 3
Ge682 Organizational Behavior and Administration 3
Ge683 Governance, Management and Administration of Higher Education 3
Ge606 Directed Research in Education 3
Ge684 Innovative Curriculum Strategies for the Diverse Learner 3
Ge685 Finance, Budgetary Planning and Resource Allocation in Higher Education 3
Ge686 Emerging Legal Issues facing Admin. 3
Ge687 Accountability: Assessment and Accreditation 3
Comprehensive Examination
Ge688 Global Comparisons of Higher Education 3
Ge689 Online College Teaching and Learning 3
Total Program Credits 33

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