Discover the Jersey City/New York Area

Make the most livable city in the USA your home.

Saint Peter’s University students get to experience the best of Jersey City and New York – two of the world’s most amazing, energetic, and sophisticated cities. SmartAsset recently rated Jersey City as the most livable city in the United States. Jersey City residents have an advantage in landing better jobs and earning higher incomes due to their proximity to Manhattan, but pay considerably less for housing than their neighbors in NYC!

Located in the heart of Jersey City, Saint Peter’s University, is a bustling urban campus surrounded by a welcoming and diverse community. Students can access the country’s biggest metropolitan area by bus, train or ferry within minutes. NYC is only 5 miles (8 km) and just 12 minutes away. Students can also take a quick and convenient shuttle to the mall for local shopping.

Saint Peter’s University students can go to Jersey City and NYC anytime to explore the culture, shopping and restaurants as well as take part in valuable work experiences.

Upcoming Events

One of the fastest-growing urban cities along the Hudson River

You'll  never have to say the words “there’s nothing to do around here” - with an abundance of gallery openings, parks, museums, shops, shows, iconic landmarks, and sports right at your front door.

Most diverse city in America

After looking at 350 of the most populated cities in the United States, finance website WalletHub found that Jersey City came in No. 1 in ethno-racial and linguistic diversity in a 2015 study. Jersey City is a “sanctuary city” and has a No. 1 LGBT-friendly ranking. This vibrant and eclectic community offers a wide range of events and festivals like Diwali, the Indian festival of light, Dharba dances in India Square, the Irish festival and the Feast of Saint Ann.

90% of Wall Street transactions

Any job, internship, or professional interest is close by. Downtown Jersey City is a major financial services hub. It is known as “Wall Street West,” both for its adjacency to Wall Street (a quick ferry or PATH ride away) and for being home to corporate offices like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Fidelity Investments. We also offer several courses in New York City, making it an extension of our classrooms.

Farmers' Markets & Food Trucks

There are also farmers’ markets with fresh produce from Jersey farms, food trucks that roam the city and park near Saint Peter’s, and gourmet restaurants opening in Jersey City’s chic downtown.