If you are interested in law school after graduation, we can advise you.

Preparation for law school requires a broad-based and rigorous undergraduate education that emphasizes critical thinking, studious reading and excellence of writing.

We can help you choose a sound academic program, plan for the LSAT exam, explore appropriate internships, and apply to law school.

Although there is no particular major required for admission to law school, your chosen program of study should include challenging courses that sharpen the intellect and develop your ability to think analytically and communicate clearly. These skills can be refined in any number of courses including those in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and business.

If you are interested in law school, a legal career, or the combined B.A/J.D. program, please contact the University’s Pre-Law Advisor, Professor Kari Larsen, J.D., Ll.M. of the Department of Political Science.