Sports Management & Esports Business

Sports Management & Esports Business

Throughout the course of the program, we will talk about issues in Athletics and analyze the sports industry on how things operate from a day to day basis.

Sports today is a BIG business.

In fact, sports is a $200-billion-dollar-a-year industry — and growing.

That means there is a world of opportunity in sports management. Over the next 10 years, the job growth in areas related to sports, recreation and fitness will eclipse many other fields.

At Saint Peter’s University, the Bachelor of Science degree in sports management equips students with the knowledge and skills required of successful sports managers and provides a foundation for graduate study in the field.

Building on the liberal arts core and complementing major curriculum courses, our Sports Management program also prepares graduates to examine the legal and ethical issues necessary to make wise choices in challenging circumstances.

And our proximity to New York City will afford our students with a multitude of opportunities for internships in the industry including Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, City Field, MetLife Stadium, the Prudential Center, college athletic conferences and many more.