Enrollment Services

Student Financial Aid

At Saint Peter’s University, we are firmly dedicated to working with you and your family so that cost will not prevent you from attending and getting an education.

100 percent of our full-time undergraduate students receive some sort of financial assistance such as academic, need-based, or athletic grants. The average financial aid package is more than $23,000, and that doesn’t even include federal or state aid!

Financial assistance is even available to graduate and professional studies students.

No matter your circumstances, our expert financial aid counselors are ready to assist you in applying for a wide variety of federal, state, institutional and private financial assistance.

We also offer a wide range of academic and athletic scholarships. Students may also qualify for work-study jobs and paid internships during the academic year.

Students (and their parents) are often pleasantly surprised at how much financial assistance is available to them. So, make sure you find out what’s available for you!

Not sure how to begin? Ask us! Contact the Office of Financial Aid for a personalized assessment. Whether you have questions about the FASFA or how to manage your college finances, our staff is here to help.

Students wishing to schedule an appointment with their Financial Aid counselor are encouraged to call and make an appointment. Virtual appointments will also be available but must be scheduled.