“The discussions in my theology classes were not only productive and fun, but also made me realize we all share much more than we think. Learning with and from each other, guided by our awesome Jesuits, was a once in a lifetime opportunity!”– Dimana Neykova ’11

This might surprise you. Theology is for everyone.

When you study theology, you sharpen your critical reading skills, think through complex ideas, argue positions logically and communicate your thoughts clearly.

These are personally satisfying and highly transferable skills to almost any career.

Our starting point is the mystery of God’s relationship with humanity.

We are Christian and Catholic in our religious tradition and explicitly Jesuit in our approach to teaching. The courses we offer you examine the various doctrinal, biblical, spiritual, historical, and moral issues that make up that tradition are the focus of our teaching.

But we also recognize that we serve a richly diverse group of students so we are open to a wide range of religious perspectives.

The theology department is ecumenical in welcoming adjunct lecturers from a variety of non-Catholic backgrounds. We are committed to dialogue in order to advance respect for all forms of religious belief, as well as the individual right to reject religious belief.