Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

Minor Requirements

Data Science is being applied to several industries such as health care, finance, management, and others that are discovering insights from big data through data science that help business to make strategic decisions. That`s why our students that are majoring in domains such as business, computer science, and chemistry will benefit from Data Science Minor. Students will have opportunity to explore the use of data science, gain related skills and work with data in their major domain of study.

Courses for Minor in Data Science

BA-287 Introduction to Business Analytics3 (no pre-req)
DS-210 Introduction to Data Science3 (no pre-req)
CS-330 Data Structures and Algorithms using Python3 (no pre-req)
DS-340 SQL Programming3 (DS-210 pre-req)
CS-any Elective at the 300-level or Above*3
DS-any Elective at the 300-level or Above*3
Total Credits18

*cannot be double counted

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Major Requirements

The Data Science program provides students with the analytical and quantitative skills that are needed for a variety of careers that are growing at a fast pace. A data scientist creates new processes for data modeling, algorithms, predictive models, and custom analysis. The information they extract helps businesses and organizations solve complex problems. Data Science is a field that has numerous applications in many career areas including the sciences, business, engineering, health sciences, social sciences, and even the music industry.

Category-Wise Credit Distribution

University Core45
Program Major Requirements57
Open Elective18
Total Credits120

University Core – 45 credits

Data Science program students should take MA-106 – Introduction to Probability and Statistics as a part of the university core to fulfill the prerequisites of the major core requirements.

Section No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
1BA-155Principles of Marketing3
2BA-151Principles of Management3
3BA-287Introduction to Business Analytics3
4MA-212Elementary Statistics3
5MA-222Intermediate Statistics3
6MA-247Linear Algebra3
7CS-271Decision Support Systems3
8CS-260Information Technology Ethics3
9CS-241Python Programming for Computer Scientists3
10CS-190Secure Software Development3
11CS-330Data Structures and Algorithms using Python3
12IS-380Database and Data Administration3
13DS-210Introduction to Data Science3
14DS-310Principles of Data Mining3
15DS-340SQL Programming3
16DS-399Major Capstone Project3
17ElectiveMajor Elective3
18ElectiveMajor Elective3
19ElectiveMajor Elective3

Choose Any Three Electives

Section No.Course CodeCourse Title
1DS-370Big Data Analytics
2CS-177Introduction to Computer Science and Cybersecurity
3IS-410Total Business Information Systems with AI using Watson
4CS-346Machine Learning
5CS-470Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
6DS-330Cloud Computing Eco-Systems
7DS-445Blockchain Technology
8DS-450Data Law Ethics and Business Intelligence.
9DS-483Data Structures & Algorithms.
10EC-300Statistics for Business & Economics
11MA-338Regression Analysis

CS-330 Data Structures and Algorithms using Pytho