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Transfer Your I-20

There are 3 Steps to Transfer Your I-20 to Another School or Program

  1. Complete the SEVIS I-20 Release Form and return it to the International Student Coordinator at Saint Peter’s University.  You must notify our office of your intent to transfer to a specific school before expiration of 60 day grace period following program completion.  Your SEVIS record will be released to the transfer school using the date we enter into the system.  Once released we cannot access your record or undo the record transfer.
  2. The transfer school will then have access to a portion of your SEVIS information when the release date is reached.  They will use this partial record to complete a new I-20 for your new program.  If you are planning to travel in the summer you should request this I-20 which will be marked “transfer pending”
  3. When you actually begin classes at the transfer school the school will report registration in SEVIS thereby completing the transfer.  An I-20 printed for you will be marked “continued attendance.”

Under immigration law when transferring you must begin your new program during the transfer school’s next regular term in the academic year or within 5 months whichever is earlier.

Example 1:  If a student who graduated from Saint Peter’s University on August 21st gets accepted to New York University for a graduate program with fall semesters beginning on September 2nd and spring semesters beginning on January 2nd she can only transfer into the fall semester.  If she defers her attendance to January she is not eligible to transfer her I-20 even though it is within 5 months.  In this case, the next regular term (fall) begins earlier than the 5 month window.

Example 2: A graduate student completes his studies during Winter Trimester on February 21st.  He gets accepted into a PhD program on a semester schedule beginning on September 3rd.  Although it is the next available term it begins later than 5 months of his prior program.  He cannot “transfer” his I-20 to this school.  The student should speak to the P/DSO at the transfer school to learn what his options are.  In this hypothetical case, the student may be able to begin in an optional term such as a summer term beginning before July 21st .