The Center for Global Learning

About the Center

The Center for Global Learning (CGL) provides support and services to international students, scholars, and the broader campus community. The CGL’s primary goal is to enhance the international student experience and promote cultural exchange on campus. Our core functions include the following:

International Student Advising: The CGL offers immigration advising and guidance to international students regarding visa regulations, maintaining status, employment options, and other immigration-related matters. We assist students in understanding and complying with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations.

Orientation and Integration: The CGL organizes orientation programs for newly arrived international students to familiarize them with campus resources, academic expectations, cultural adjustment, and immigration regulations. We provide support services to help international students integrate into the campus community and navigate the challenges of studying abroad.

Visa and Document Support: The CGL assists international students with visa-related processes, such as initial visa applications, visa extensions, and changes of immigration status. We also provide support in obtaining necessary immigration documents, such as the Form I-20.

Cultural Programming and Events: The CGL coordinates cultural and educational programs, workshops, and events to promote intercultural understanding and engagement among international students, domestic students, and the wider campus community. Some of our events include international festivals, language exchanges, cultural workshops, and guest speaker series.

International Student Advocacy: The CGL serves as an advocate for international students, representing their needs and concerns to the institution’s administration and other relevant offices. We work to ensure that policies, services, and resources support the success and well-being of international students on campus.

International Partnerships and Exchange Programs: The CGL facilitates study abroad programs and exchange partnerships with international institutions. We work to foster global collaborations and provide opportunities for students to engage in international education experiences.