Global Learning

About the Center

The Center for Global Learning organizes and manages study abroad and exchange programs, facilitates the development of faculty-led travel courses, and collaborates with the Office of Admission to support, enrich, and expand international student enrollment at Saint Peter’s University. The Center also develops international partnerships and collaborates with external agencies and organizations on outreach programs.

We work to:

  • Promote global learning opportunities that are in keeping with the educational mission of Saint Peter’s University
  • Increase the participation of students, faculty, and staff in international learning initiatives, including study abroad, exchange, academic, research, and service partnerships
  • Ensure that global learning opportunities accommodate a wide range of disciplines and interests
  • Make a full range of program options available to all qualified students
  • Support the diverse cultural learning needs of students by integrating study abroad into the community, including developing the means by which returning study abroad students can actively contribute to international awareness and programming on campus
  • Reevaluate programs regularly for academic rigor and student satisfaction, including assessment of the student experience prior to departure, while overseas, and after reentry to determine learning outcomes
  • Support international student enrollment at the University through ongoing collaboration with the Office of Admission