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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in a graduate school program. Can I apply for fall 2022 or winter 2022 admission?
We welcome your Spring 2023 application! The Fall and Winter applications are closed.  It is available now at  Classes begin for Spring 2023 on February 27, 2022. Email if you have any questions.

I will not be attending Saint Peter’s this fall. What do I do?
We’re sorry to hear that. If you will attend another U.S. school, send the following documents to

* a copy of the school’s acceptance letter
* a copy of your I-94 record
* the school’s SEVIS code
* your current U.S. address, and your phone number

Expect two to five days for processing. Remember to update your U.S. local address in SPIRITOnline and keep all I-20s.

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There are some great lessons in life you won’t find in a book.

Study abroad is a life-changing experience—one that will enrich your education in immeasurable ways (not to mention enhance your resume when you prepare to enter the professional world).

Our programs put global learning within reach. Perhaps you’re interested in spending a semester or academic year in Europe or Asia? Or maybe a short-term faculty-led travel course works better for your schedule.

The Center for Global Learning organizes and manages study abroad and exchange programs, facilitates the development of faculty-led travel courses, and collaborates with the Office of Admission to support, enrich and expand international student enrollment at Saint Peter’s University.

The University will also work with you to enroll directly in a university overseas. In recent years, our students have enrolled directly in universities in France, Italy, Malta and Argentina.