Chemistry Department Awarded American Chemical Society Approval

ACS-approved programs in chemistry offer the option of an ACS-certified degree track. An institution with an ACS-approved program in chemistry is committed to providing you with a broadly based and intellectually challenging experience in chemistry. The ACS Committee on Professional Training (CPT) carefully evaluates a chemistry department’s program with respect to its breadth and depth, […]

Two Chemistry Students Win ICFNJ Research Awards

Claudio Amaya, Advisor Badiei, Professor Li , and Ariana Le Rosa ,

Two chemistry research students, Ariana La Rosa ’21 and Claudio Amaya ’21, were awarded a research grant from the Independent College Fund of New Jersey (ICFNJ) and will present their research findings at the Liberty Science Center in March 2020. La Rosa’s research is titled “Ruthenium Water-Oxidation Catalysts Based on Amide Ligands” and Amaya’s research […]

Chemistry Faculty and Student Attend the ACS Symposia at Columbia University

chemistry faculty members

Yosra Badiei, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, and Wanlu Li, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, recently attended the ACS Frontiers of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry Lecture Series at Columbia University with their student Claudio Amaya ’21. Dr. Badiei, Dr. Li and Amaya were able to meet with keynote speaker Karen Goldberg, Ph.D., professor of energy […]

SURGE Chemistry Student Presents Work

Rina Rosales ’19, a chemistry major and a SURGE student working with Yosra Badiei, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, recently presented her summer research project on “Plasma modified electrodes as a Platform for Immobilizing Water Splitting Catalysts” at the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting in Boston. Rosales has also presented her research results earlier […]

Chemistry Professor Presents Work

Daniel Fried, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry gave a presentation last month at the 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Boston, Mass. titled “Teaching college organic chemistry to elementary school students: A new model for early chemistry learning.” He was also selected to demonstrate his program, Biochemistry Literacy for Kids, at the World Maker […]

Chemistry Student Awarded by the New Jersey Institute of Chemists

Chemistry student Genesis Renderos ’17 received the New Jersey Institute of Chemists (NJIC) award. NJIC annually awards certificates of achievement to senior undergraduates who demonstrate an outstanding record of achievement, ability, leadership and character. Renderos is a SURGE fellow student who is working under the supervision of Assistant Professor Yosra Badiei, Ph.D., on a project […]

Student Presented with Award from the American Chemical Society

On March 24, the chemistry department attended the Nichols Symposium and award dinner for the New York section of the American Chemical Society. The symposium focused on chemistry and biochemistry innovations at the forefront of medical science and renewable energy sources. Genesis Renderos ’17 was honored for receiving a Nichols Research Fellowship for her work […]

The Second Annual STEM Event on Campus is a Success

On Saturday, November 12, a group of approximately 109 middle, high school, and community college students, family members, Saint Peter’s undergraduate students and educators came to Saint Peter’s University to attend the second annual STEM event on campus: “The Path to the STEM Dream for Young Scholars.” This event is a collaborative effort between the […]


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