Transformative leaders are #JesuitEducated.

For nearly five hundred years, many of the world’s great leaders and changemakers have had something in common: a Jesuit education. That’s likely because the Jesuit model of education is about more than book studies—it’s about cura personalis, care for the whole person, personal attention, giving back and, yes, rigorous academics. Jesuit education focuses on transformation, becoming the best version of you, so you in turn can affect change on the world around you. Every academic program at Saint Peter’s University is rooted in this powerful idea. Whether you’re a high school student, a college student, a working professional or somewhere in between, this could be the first step on your journey to a better you.

Saint Peter’s is really good about letting you format your own education to your specific needs and interests. I’m graduating with a degree and a portfolio to jumpstart my career.

Reyhan Lalaoui '19

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The Classroom and Beyond

Personalized Support

The Intersection of Passion and Expertise
You're never on your own at Saint Peter's University.  Our dedicated faculty advisors work closely with you to chart your unique path toward graduation.  You'll always have someone to talk to about your academic interests, your progress, adding a minor...anything, really.

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Seminars in New York City

Become immersed in the world of New York City, a global capital of finance, media and culture. Whether you're studying economics, art history or anything in between, New York City will be a center of learning for you.

Study Abroad

Add world travel to your college experience by participating in a study abroad program in Europe, Egypt, Central America, China, Korea or Japan (just to name a few).

Participate in the United Nations

Saint Peter's University is one of the few universities that has NGO (non-governmental organization) status at the United Nations. Participate in actual UN briefings and workshops, get access to exclusive internship opportunities and more.