catalina andorno

Catalina Andorno ’13

Graduate Studies at Columbia Teachers College in Science Education

Victoria Bisceglia

Victoria Bisceglia ’12

Victoria is working as an Analytical Chemist at Colgate.

Irwin Candeleria

Irwin Candelaria ’10

Irwin completed his coursework in chemistry and research studies in organic synthesis in 2010 and now works for Life Science.

Angelica Ceballos

Angelica Ceballos ’10

Angelica now works for Benjamin Moore.

Luan To

Luan To ’10

Luan is completing his graduate studies in business at Columbia University.

Wassem Yaji

Wassem Yaji ’10

Wassem is completing his graduate studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Chicago.

Mike Castaldi

Michael Castaldi ’77

Michael has worked in industry at both Sterling Research Institutes and Pfizer Global Research for over thirty years and has joined us at Saint Peter’s University as a Scientist in Residence working in the Research and Organic Chemistry Laboratories.