Applied Science and Technology


Dr. Leonard J. Sciorra, Coordinator

The Biotechnology Program is housed within the Department of Applied Science and Technology. The Department offers a major in Biotechnology with an emphasis on the biomedical aspects of Biotechnology. Student training is multidisciplinary, with course work in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics as well as an internship at The Institute of Human and Molecular Genetics at UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School.

Requirements for Biotechnology Major

Degree of Bachelor of Science

Twelve of the required credits for the major count towards the Core Curriculum Requirements.

BI-183General Biology I (Core Natural Science)3
BI-185General Biology I Lab1
BI-184General Biology II (Core Natural Science)3
BI-186General Biology II Lab1
CH-131General Chem and Qualitative Analysis 13
CH-131LGen Chem and Qualitative Analysis 1 Lab1
CH-132General Chem and Qualitative Analysis 23
CH-132LGen Chem and Qualitative Analysis 2 Lab1
CH-251Organic Chemistry I3
CH-251LOrganic Chemistry I Lab1
CH-252Organic Chemistry II3
CH-252LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1
CH-442Biochemistry I3
CH-442LBiochemistry 1 Lab1
CH-443Biochemistry II3
CH-443LBiochemistry II Lab1
BC-390Spec Topics: Biological Chem (Capstone)3
BI-240Cell and Molecular Biology4
BI-240LCell & Molecular Bio Lab0
BI-350LGenetics Lab0
BT-420Biomedical Applications of DNA Tech3
BT-429Special Topics in Biotechnology3
BT-440Research in Biotechnology I2
BT-441Research in Biotechnology II2
MA-143Differential Calculus (Core Math)4
MA-144Integral Calculus (Core Math)4
PC-185General Physics I3
PC-187General Physics Laboratory I1
PC-186General Physics II3
PC-188General Physics Laboratory II1
Total Credits69

Special Note on the Core Requirements for Biotechnology Majors

Special Note on Requirements Biotechnology Major Requirements