Applied Science and Technology

Learning Goals & Mission


In support of the University mission, the Biochemistry program / Bio-Technology program strives to foster the development of the whole person in preparation for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service in the area of the Natural Sciences within a diverse and global community. Committed to academic excellence and individual attention, the program provides a broad-based, challenging education in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, informed by values, to students with diverse backgrounds and interests.

Learning Goals

  • To build a strong foundation in their knowledge of Biochemistry/Biotechology, Students should successfully complete and demonstrate a working knowledge in five “core” courses.
  • Students should acknowledge, understand and appreciate the ethical and moral of research in Biochemistry / Biotechnology, its impact on humanity, society and history. As such the students will take at least one course in Bioethics
  • Students should develop effective writing and oral communication skills.
  • Students should be aware of and be able to utilize materials and procedures necessary to search and solicit post-graduate educational programs and/or employment opportunities. The students should develop skills necessary to make application and interview for such post-graduate educational programs and/ or employment opportunities.
  • After completion of the course of study in Biochem / Biotech, 90% of the graduating students will rate the Biochemistry / Biotechnology Program and its curriculum as satisfactory or better.