Applied Science and Technology


Leonard Sciorra, Ph.D., Coordinator

The Biochemistry Program is housed within the Department of Applied Science and Technology. The Department offers a major in Biochemistry in collaboration with the Biol­ogy and Chemistry Departments.

Requirements for Biochemistry Major

Degree of Bachelor of Science

Twelve of the required credits for the major count towards the Core Curriculum Requirements.

BI-183General Biology I 13
BI-185General Biology I Lab1
BI-184General Biology II 13
BI-186General Biology II Lab1
BI-240Cell and Molecular Biology4
BI-240LCell and Molecular Biology Lab0
BC/CH-421Instrumental Analysis for Biochemistry2
For Capstone, choose from one of the following3
Special Topics: Biological Chemistry (Capstone)
Research in Chemistry
Honors Thesis: Independent Study
CH-131General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I3
CH-131LGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I Lab1
CH-132General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis II3
CH-132LGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis II Lab1
CH-251Organic Chemistry I3
CH-251LOrganic Chemistry I Lab1
CH-252Organic Chemistry II3
CH-252LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1
CH-365Physical Chemistry I3
CH-365LPhysical Chemistry I Lab1
CH-366Physical Chemistry II3
CH-366LPhysical Chemistry II Lab1
BC/CH-442Biochemistry I3
BC/CH-442LBiochemistry I Lab1
BC/CH-443Biochemistry II3
BC/CH-443LBiochemistry II Lab1
MA-143Differential Calculus 24
MA-144Integral Calculus 24
MA-273Multivariable Calculus I4
PC-185General Physics I3
PC-187General Physics Laboratory I1
PC-186General Physics II3
PC-188General Physics Laboratory II1
Total Credits69

Special Notes on Major Requirements