Residence Life


The Housing Selection Process Checklist

 Submit your housing application online by March 30, 2014 by 11:59pm.

 Identify current resident students with whom you wish to live with next year. Be sure to identify the required amount of individuals needed to fill your choice of residence. Make sure that each student meets the requirement to reside in each building. This is very important for you to follow as it will prevent you from being placed during Housing Selection.

 Carefully review the choices available and note the time you will be eligible to enter Housing Selection.

 Discuss with your intended roommate(s) who will attend Housing Selection prior to the start of the process. A proxy form will be needed for students who are unable to attend the housing selection process. Proxy forms will be utilized and students will not be excused from class to attend Housing Selection.

 Arrive at Housing Selection, which will be held on the fifth floor of the Mac Mahon Student Center, fifteen minutes before your entrance time. Be prepared to make an alternate selection if your first choice is not available. Be sure you have all necessary forms completed and signed.

 Bring your valid Saint Peter’s University OneCard with you to the process.

 Be sure to check the web and your Saint Peter’s University email account for possible
updates on a regular basis.