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Office of Residence Life team

Office of Residence Life Team

The Office of Residence Life at Saint Peter’s University has many ways for you to be involved with our dedicated team of students and professionals. We offer student leadership positions, student employment positions, graduate-level assistantships, and full-time professional employment opportunities.

As members of the Office of Residence Life team, we are driven by the following principles in support of our educational priorities and student growth, learning, and development:

  1. We will foster experiences, conversations, and relationships in which residents will develop a critical lens and self-awareness regarding their own cycle of socialization, their own identities, and what makes each of them unique and similar to other individuals.
  2. We will engage residents in opportunities to reflect on their own needs as students and as people, to identify their own strengths, and to contribute to their personal residential experience as well as to the Saint Peter’s University community.
  3. We will support residents’ growth and development to being socially responsible through action and service and reflecting upon these experiences with members of the Saint Peter’s community.
  4. We will encourage residents’ self-awareness, reflection, and community accountability to be critical of how their own actions, values and inaction impacts the lives of those around them.
  5. We will collaborate with campus partners to provide educational conversations and structured referrals for residents to develop the capacity to be proactive in engaging with university resources and departments that will set them up for academic success in both curricular and in co-curricular experiences.