Residence Life

Our Residence Halls

Millennium Hall

Welcome to Millennium Hall, established in 1999, this building embodies the
essence of traditional-style living for first-year students on our close-knit campus.
Accommodating pairs of students in each room, the residence hall fosters camaraderie
and shared experiences. A limited number of single-room buyouts are available for an
additional fee. The floors are co-ed, allowing men and women to live on the same floor.
Our communal gendered bathrooms on every floor, complete with spacious lockers,
offer a balance of privacy and convenience, ensuring residents feel at home.

The hall’s dynamic environment is further enhanced by a dedicated staff of seven
Resident Assistants, fostering a supportive community during the crucial first year.
Millennium Hall provides a range of amenities, including kitchenettes on each floor,
lounges, study rooms, and a computer lab with a printer, seamlessly integrating
technology into the living experience. Laundry facilities, offered free of charge, and
strategically placed vending machines contribute to the overall convenience, making
Millennium Hall a well-rounded and nurturing home for our students. Millennium Hall is
also secured with a guard 24/7 to offer constant safety and security to its residents.

More than just a residence, Millennium Hall is a hub for academic growth and
community-building. With its timeless design, inclusive atmosphere, and amenities, the
hall provides a solid foundation for the diverse and exciting journey of university life!

Whelan Hall

Welcome to Whelan Hall, a residence erected in 1994 and named after Thomas
V. Whelan ’68, dedicated to providing a welcoming home for our first-year students.
With designated floors by gender and a staff of Resident Assistants, Whelan Hall
prioritizes comfort, inclusivity, and community throughout the student living experience.

The hall offers a range of living options, including limited spaces for single rooms
at an additional cost, allowing students to tailor their living arrangements to their
preferences. Kitchenettes on each floor, communal lounges, and study rooms provide
spaces for culinary exploration, socializing, and academic pursuits. Whelan Hall also
features practical amenities such as a computer lab, a free laundry room, a security
guard who monitors the building 24/7, and various vending machines for quick snacks
and refreshments.

Balancing privacy and shared living, Whelan Hall’s communal bathrooms and
shower stalls on each floor enhance the overall residential experience. This residence,
with its thoughtful amenities, commitment to inclusivity, and a nod to tradition, creates a
supportive home for first-year students, laying the foundation for a fulfilling and
successful university journey.

Durant Hall

Welcome to Durant Hall, formerly known as 131 Glenwood, an upperclass
apartment-style residence designed for independent living. Offering a modern and
comfortable space, Durant Hall provides two distinct apartment styles to cater to various
preferences. Residents can choose between a complete apartment with a living room
for communal gatherings or a conversion apartment without a living room for a more
streamlined living arrangement, both equipped with private apartment kitchens and

This community features 2-person and 4-person occupant apartments, providing
flexible living arrangements. Residents enjoy the convenience of a free laundry room
and a vending machine in the lobby for quick refreshments. The residence is supported
by two Resident Assistants, fostering a sense of community and support. For those
seeking additional privacy, a limited number of single rooms are available for an extra
fee, allowing students to tailor their living experience to their needs. Durant Hall offers a
dynamic and fulfilling living experience for upperclass students!

Panepinto Hall

Welcome to Panepinto Hall, our newest residence unveiled in September 2022
named after Joseph A. Panepinto Esq. 66′. This modern haven redefines student living
with suite-style housing, where two rooms house two residents each room that share a
bathroom, and a common kitchen between the two rooms to foster a sense of
community, collaboration, and independent living.

Panepinto Hall goes beyond mere accommodation, offering a vibrant community
hub. Residents can enjoy the lounge for socializing, engaging programs, and movie
nights. Security is a top priority with a guard present 24/7, providing peace of mind to
residents at all times.

Designed to support both academic and social needs, Panepinto Hall features
free laundry rooms on each floor, multiple study lounges with areas for focused work, as
well as convenient amenities like vending machines and a printer in our lounge. With its
contemporary design and thoughtful amenities, Panepinto Hall is not just a residence
but a dynamic space that sets a new standard for modern student living on our campus.