Division of Information Technology

Video Policy

Client Services’ goal is to provide each event, regardless of size, the attention each deserves. With this goal as priority, Client Services has outlined such policies below, effective immediately, to ensure consistency and uniformity within all departments of Saint Peter’s University.

Video Storage Solutions Policy

Client Services offers a service of recording and editing on-campus events upon the request of the event organizer. After the completion of the event, the department will edit and burn (1) DVD at no cost to the organizer. Additional copies are available at a cost of $2.50 per disc. No extra copies will be stored by the department for future access.

Due to the amount of requests we receive within the department, we are unable to store the original raw footage from the event in-house. If you would like to have this footage for your departmental archives, we suggest the purchase of an external hard drive. Recommended hard drive is USB 3.0 with a minimum of 3 Terabytes of space. While other options may be available, using an external hard drive is the most secure and cost effective way to store the footage from your events.

Please email the Service Desk servicedesk@saintpeters.edu for a quote to purchase an external hard drive.

After the event is recorded, we will obtain the external hard drive from you. The raw footage along with the edited video file will be placed into a folder which is named and dated based on your event.

The edited video files can also be directly uploaded to a YouTube account of your choosing; however, please keep in mind you will need to provide username and password access to Client Services.

(Effective: December 1, 2013)