Division of Information Technology

Bringing Your Computer on Campus

Healthy Computer Requirements:

  • Before connecting your computer to our Network, be sure you have installed all Microsoft Critical Updates that apply to your operating system. Open Internet Explorer, Click on Tools and Windows Updates and follow the directions there.
  • Before connecting to our network you must have an anti-virus program with up to date virus definition files. Either:• Make sure you are receiving updates to your current anti-virus system
  • Automatic cut off: If your computer becomes virus infested, is downloading files that are too large, or in any other way is negatively effecting our network, it may be locked out of further connection to our network.
  • Staying Healthy:
    • Keep your virus definition files up to date.
    • Never open an email attachment unless you already know what is in it no matter whose name is on the return address.
    • We recommend running an up-to-date anti-spyware program such as AdAware, Spy-Bot S&D or MalwareBytes at least once a week.

Wireless Network.  Over 90% of our Jersey City Campus is covered by a wireless Ethernet.

Problems connecting:  Contact the IT Service Desk or stop by Loyola Hall User Support Office during normal business hours. Be sure to give us your building and room number and a phone number or other way we can contact you.  We do not provide network cables nor wireless cards.