Division of Information Technology

Lab Software and Forms

Here are our forms available online:

Lab Software Installation Request Form (PDF)
Mostly for faculty use to request to have software installed in the computer labs for instructional purposes. Consult this list (PDF) for applications installed at the computer labs and smart classroom PCs.

We are asking that the faculty review this list and advise as to whether they would require any upgrades or new software for the school year 2019-2020. We ask that faculty consult with their peers first and collectively submit their requests through their department chairs for any further considerations.

In order to better serve the faculty community, we are requiring to fill up the form and submit to Pope Hall Room 213. This will give us the time to plan for the installation. Please be advised that many computers are limited in disk capacity and memory and may be incapable of running certain programs.  For abandoned software, please fill out the form and note down to remove the software from the lab computers.  Unused software not only bloats up the computer with unnecessary software tying up precious disk space but also leaves background processes that in time will collectively slow down the computer’s performance.