Division of Information Technology

Computer Labs

There are 14 computer labs on campus with 10-30 computers in each. Student labs are equipped with a variety of programming languages and course ware. Loyola Hall Labs 12, 13 and 14 are available for general use when not reserved for class. They are usually open whenever the library is open. Faculty who wish to schedule a class in these labs should contact Jessica Kennedy at Room 10 of Loyola Hall. Call Center (Pope 312) and Library Labs are available for General use when those areas are open. Residence Hall Labs Whelan, Millennium, Saint Peter Hall and Veteran's Memorial Court each have a computer lab for the use of their residents and are opened 24/7 during the Academic School year.

Special Purpose Labs: There are special purpose labs for Nursing (P311), Psychology (P102), Fine Arts (R17), ESL Lab, Data Science Labs and the Trading Room. Please see their respective departments for their lab hours.

Lab Rules:

  1. No Food, No Drink, No Smoking, No Exceptions.
  2. All lab users must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. To find your user-id and password see My Accounts
  4. Every student and employee of Saint Peter's University has a free email account.
  5. Every student and faculty member has an account on Blackboard, our on-line learning tool.
  6. Printers: Paper and toner are expensive and ultimately come out of your tuition. You may print two copies of any paper, one to hand in, one to keep. If you need more copies please use the copier in the library or go to Staples. In order to print to network printers over at Loyola 12, 13, 14, Library, CALL Center & at the Kiosk please use your OneCard ID to swipe.
  7. Please HELP us maintain the labs by reporting any problems to the IT Service Desk

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