Division of Information Technology

University Strategic Plan for Technology

Saint Peter’s University commenced its Strategic Planning for Technology process September 6 – 8, 2016 with a series of meetings with the Cabinet, working sessions with the Core Planning Team, and focus groups with the academic deans, faculty, employees, and students. The institution’s goal is to conduct an open and participatory process resulting in the development of a data-informed and visionary strategic plan for technology that will guide decision-making and help the institution effectively set priorities for resource allocations and annual planning. Milos Topic, Vice President of Information Technology and Operations, is serving as the executive sponsor for this initiative, and Dr. Chrissy Coley, Ellucian Strategic Consultant, is serving as the facilitator for the planning and focus group sessions.

Five Strategic Goals of the Plan

  1. Secure and Effective IT Infrastructure and Organization: Based on peer benchmark data and best industry standards, invest in the IT organization and infrastructure (personnel, technologies, and services) essential for the advancement of the University’s strategic goals and its information security position.
  2. Effective Teaching, Learning and Support Services to Enhance Students’ Success: Invest in and effectively use technologies that enable, standardize, and systematically scale University-wide teaching, learning, and student success initiatives.
  3. Institutional Efficiency, Effectiveness and Data-Informed Decision-Making: Optimize the use of the University’s strategic resources through improved business processes, up-to-date technologies, and enhanced accessibility and usability of timely, accurate data.
  4. Constituent Empowerment: Deliver exceptional training, resources, and services that empower the University’s students, faculty, and employees as they effectively use technology to do their best work.
  5. Innovative Use of Technology to Achieve Institutional Distinction: Develop a modern, proactive, future-looking technology culture, organization, and infrastructure

The University Strategic Plan for Technology was approved by the IT Governance Committee in March 2017 and by the President’s Cabinet in April 2017. The full plan is available for review to those who have University Intranet access. Please read this plan and, whenever possible, help the University put it into action. We value your involvement and support of the plan, as you are the educators, professionals, and students who live the University’s mission, transmit its values, and put its strategic goals into practice each and every day.

The following people are serving on the Core Planning Team:

Jeff Austin, Director of Advancement Services
Jennifer Baez, Accounts Payable Supervisor
Mike DeVarti, Director of Enterprise Applications
Jason Downer, S.J. Campus Minister
Joe Gilkey, Professor of Business Administration
Scott Kushner, Systems and Emerging Technologies Librarian
Liz Long, Payroll Manager
Nicole Luongo, Professor of Education
TBD, Director of Budgeting
Loreen Hanna, Purchasing Coordinator

Mildred Mihlon, Associate VP for Academics
Ed Moskal, Professor of Info and Computer Science
Bert Nieves, Director of Institutional Research
Eileen Poiani, Assistant to the President
Kyle Rivers, Director of Web Strategies and Communication
Ben Scholz, Director of Enrollment Research
Anthony Skevakis, Associate VP for Student Life and Development and Dean of Students
Kamla Singh, University Registrar
Milos Topic, VP Information Technology and Operations