Human Resources

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

A WageWorks Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a pre-tax benefit account used to pay for eligible medical, dental, and vision care expenses that aren’t covered by your insurance plan or elsewhere. It’s a smart, simple way to save money while keeping you and your family healthy and protected.

The FSA plan offers two types of deposit accounts: healthcare and dependent care (e.g. day care or senior care).  Employees elect to have an amount deducted from their gross pay each payroll period, before it is taxed, and placed in an FSA.  Employees are then reimbursed for their out-of-pocket health care and dependent expenses on a pre-tax basis, thereby lowering their taxable wages.

Flexible Spending Account Form 


 *Further questions regarding FSA can be directed to The Office of Human Resources
**The Flexible Spending Account Form is hosted on the Intranet; you may be prompted to log in first before being able to complete this form.