Human Resources


Policy Statement

An employee deciding to resign his or her employment with the University, the University requests that administrative and supervisory employees provide 1 month written notice of resignation. All other employees shall submit notices of resignation a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. No Vacation Hours, Personal Days or Sick Days (without a note from a physician) may be used by any employee once notice of resignation has been provided to the University.

The procedure to terminate an employee who has voluntarily resigned is the following:

  1. The hiring department should obtain a “Personnel Action” form from the Office of Human Resources. All of the information on this form should be filled out completely and signed by a Department Head or a Dean. A letter of resignation or an explanatory letter should be attached to the form.
  2. Human Resources, upon receiving the “Personnel Action” form, will send a copy of the form to the Payroll Office with any necessary information in order to provide the payroll check to the employee who is being terminated.
  3. Once the Payroll Office has performed its functions, Human Resources will do the necessary file maintenance which will remove the employee from the active employee personnel data file. Human Resources will also remove the employee from all benefits.
  4. An “exit interview” will be conducted by the Office of Human Resources prior to the separation of an employee. During the course of the “exit interview,” the employee will be advised concerning discontinuance and possible continuance of benefits at the employee’s expense.
  5. The above procedures will be followed in cases other than non-voluntary terminations of University employees.
  6. Prior to any decision to terminate an employee, whether it is an administrator or staff, the supervisor must consult with the Director of Human Resources