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Graduate Assistant for Recreational Life Administration

Posted 8/1/2017

Summary Description:
The Graduate Assistant for Recreational Life Operations supplies administrative support to the professional staff of the department of Recreational Life and performs duties that assist in the facilitation of the daily operations of the Recreational Life Center. Reporting directly to the Director of Recreational Life and RLC, the Graduate Assistant works a twenty hour week while also matriculating towards a master’s degree at the University. The Graduate Assistant is responsible for the daily operations of the RLC main office, including membership sales, communications, and record keeping, assisting with facility scheduling records and tennis court reservations, assisting in the oversight and training of the work-study staff, providing administrative assistance and support to the professional staff of Recreational Life, accounting for membership and guest pass revenue that passes through the office, and oversight of registration and sales related to the programs sponsored by the department. The Graduate Assistant will be responsible for implementing digital processes for membership functions, facility scheduling, record keeping and Orgsync. The Graduate Assistant will also input Recreational Life activities into the University’s master calendar system. The Graduate Assistant is responsible for assisting in the creation and dissemination of marketing materials, including social media, for the department.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide administrative support and assistance to the Director and Assistant Director of
    Recreational Life, and the Coordinator of Recreational Programming.
  2. Oversee all RLC membership functions including membership sales, record keeping, and
    communications with members. Prepare membership revenue deposits for submission to the Finance Department and maintain a spreadsheet of all revenue.
  3. Assist the Director with maintaining an accurate schedule of all activities taking place in the Recreational Life Center. Communicate with various constituents across campus
    regarding reservations of the RLC.
  4. Oversee RLC tennis court reservations.
  5. Institute a system of digital record keeping for RLC memberships, RLC membership and guest pass revenue, and facility reservations.
  6. Input RLC events into the University’s master calendar software system.
  7. Assist in the oversight and training of work-study employees assigned to the RLC
    operations staff.
  8. Oversee the registration process for programs sponsored by Recreational Life and manage payments received from student attendees.
  9. Assist in the management of the departmental Orgsync pages.
  10. Assist with the creation and dissemination of marketing materials, including social
    media, for Recreational Life services, programs, and events.
  11. Potentially serve as the on-duty facility supervisor on inclement weather days.
  12. Participate in Recreational Life and Student Life and Development professional development opportunities.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned by the Recreational Life administrative staff.

Education: Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in sports or recreation management, business, communications, or a related field.

Experience: Previous experiencing working within a collegiate recreational sports and/or athletics facility, or another student affairs administrative office environment, is strongly preferred.

Other Considerations:

  1. Must be accepted into one of the Saint Peter’s University Graduate Programs and maintain good standing within the chosen academic program.
  2. Must have the ability to work a diverse community of students and staff.
  3. Strong communication skills and proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite of programs and Google Applications is required.
  4. Must at all times adhere to the guideline and policies published in The Net, the University handbook, and abide by the terms of the graduate assistant contract.