Human Resources

Managers Toolkit

The Annual Development Review, Personnel Action Form and Job Evaluation Procedure are especially helpful for managers at the University. For specific questions regarding policies and procedures, please check the Employee Handbook, currently located on the Intranet.

Annual Development Review

The Annual Development Review is designed to link employee performance to Saint Peter’s University mission and values as reflected in the Jesuit tradition and to provide guidance and consistency to the assessment process. It should be used to summarize and assess the employee’s overall performance for the past year, to establish results to be achieved for specific tasks or projects for the next year, and to identify professional development goals to enable the employee to enhance performance in his/her current position or to prepare him/her for future growth.

The final  Annual Development Review form (PDF) is available in writable PDF.  Forms should be printed, signed by all parties and then forwarded to the Office of Human Resources.  If more space is needed for comments, additional documentation may be attached.

Personnel Action Form

The Personnel Action Form (PAF) is the form used to recommend one of four types of actions:

  • employment (reemployment or reinstatement);
  • changes (personal data or job-related);
  • leave of absence (and return from leave of absence or inactive status);
  • separation from employment (resignation, release, layoff or death).
  • The originating department or office recommends personnel actions. The Vice Presidents are the authorizing officers for personnel actions. A personnel action may not take effect until the PAF has been signed by an authorized officer of the University.

Personnel Action Forms are available in the Human Resources Office. For more information, please refer to the Employee Handbook.

Job Evaluation Procedure

Job evaluation is a tool used for maintaining equitable salaries and for confirming that legal requirements concerning overtime compensation and record keeping are being met by the University. A job evaluation must be completed for each new position and whenever the duties and responsibilities of a job change significantly.

To evaluate a job, the Director of Human Resources analyzes the duties and responsibilities set forth in the job description. The salary grade is determined by the results of this analysis, a review of available survey data, and comparison with similar jobs at the University. Salary grades are in ascending order, indicating a successively increasing degree of responsibility and accountability.

To initiate a job evaluation, please contact the Director of Human Resources. The Human Resources representative will assist the supervisor with gathering information about the job. The supervisor or his/her employee, may need to complete a Job Description Questionnaire.

Upon receiving the completed questionnaire, the Director of Human Resources will draft a job description. There will be consultation with the supervisor and/or the employee prior to and during the preparation of the draft.

After the supervisor has certified that the draft job description is accurate, the position will be evaluated in accordance with the University’s job evaluation plan. The supervisor will be advised of the job evaluation results and will be provided with the master job description for signature. The job description will be used by the supervisor as an aid in recruitment and selection, training and development, and organization/staffing planning.

If the job evaluation results propose a change in staff category, job title, grade, or salary, the supervisor will be asked to prepare a Personnel Action Form (PAF) to effect the change. The employee should not be informed of the proposed change(s) until the PAF has been signed by the authorizing officer.

Human Resources can provide better service if a request for a job evaluation is submitted far in advance of any deadlines. Annually, normally in January, supervisors are given the opportunity to submit job descriptions to the Human Resources Office for evaluation. In addition, it is highly recommended that job descriptions are reviewed whenever vacancies occur.

Each supervisor should keep a copy of job descriptions for each position reporting to him/her. The master job description is kept in the Human Resources Office. Upon request, Human Resources will provide a supervisor with a copy of the job description for any position which reports to him/her.

Supervisors’ Guide for New Hires

Officially welcoming your new or transferring employee on their first day in the department helps them feel valued and respected. Introduce them to the team, their on-boarding buddy and other key people. The first few weeks are critical in establishing a strong foundation for your newest team member, reassuring them that they have made the right choice in coming to work at Saint Peter’s University. Please refer to the Supervisors’ Guide for New Hires.