Enrollment Services

Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2021-2022



Semester/ Year

CAS/SBA/SOE/SON (Day Session Undergraduate) $18,830 per semester FT flat rate /$37,660 per year flat rate /$595 per credit for PT* or for credits above the flat rate*
SPCS JC On ground (Evening Session Undergraduate) $595 per credit
SPCS Online (SPCSO) $495 per credit
SPCS Horizon $495 per credit
SPCS Public Policy $595 per credit
Undergrad 8-Week at Bergen (MLU8) $495 per credit
Jan-Mester (Winter Undergraduate) $595 per credit
Summer Undergraduate $595 per credit

Graduate Education / Doctorate Education $1,132 per credit
Graduate Education-  Meadowlands $1,132 per credit
EDD (Higher Education  Meadowlands) On ground & Online $993 per credit
Master of  Nursing $1,177 per credit
Doctorate Nursing Practice $1,177 per credit
Graduate Business – JC $1,177 per credit
Graduate Business – ML $1,177 per credit
Graduate Business (HRNJT/PER) $1,177 per credit
MBA -Online $795 per credit
Master in Data Science $1,177 per credit
Master in Data Science -Online $795 per credit
Master in Health Science $695 per credit
Master in Public Administration $945 per credit
Master in Marketing Science Hybrid & Online $795 per credit
Master of Communications & PR $1,177 per credit
Master in Cyber Security $1,177 per credit
MA/MS in Industrial Psychology $695 per credit
MLDO- Bergen Employees Online EDD (Higher Education) $700 per credit
MS in Finance $1,177 per credit
MS in Business Analytics $1,177 per credit
MS in Business Analytics Online $795 per credit
Summer Graduate (Excluding Education) $1,177 per credit
Summer Graduate Education /Doctorate Ed $1,177 per credit


Comprehensive FT-UG (See below for details) $550 per semester/ $1,100 per year
Accelerated College Experience Program (ACE) $250
Accelerated College Experience Dual Program (ACED) $275
Business Program Fee for Accreditation Process* $45
Certification Fee $60-170 State Certification Varies
Class Audit Cost of 1 Credit
Credit/debit card transaction service fee 2.85% or $3.00 whichever is higher
Diploma Replacement Fee $50
Diploma Fee HNH – AAS Degree $15
Dissertation Advisement and Capstone Fee Cost of 1 Graduate Credit per Term Enrolled
Doctoral Robe Fee $86, if regalia is ordered but NOT placed with vendor
Dorm Room Deposit $250
Education TKO Fee $100
Education TPA Fee $300
Employee Tuition Reimbursement Installment Fee $25
Enrollment Fee, All New Students (Non-refundable) $15
Graduation (all SPCS, GRAD & DOC) $150
·       All Other Credentials Awarded $50
·       Late Graduation Application Fee (All Candidates) $25
Harvard Model UN Fee $300
IBM Certification $150
Lab Fee Varies
Late (If payment or payment arrangements are not made by the payment due date listed in the academic calendar) $75
Lost Book (Library) Varies
Matriculation Fee $150
Met Fee $235
Microfridge Rental $200
OneCard (College ID card) – Initial Insurance) FREE
OneCard – replacement See OneCard
Orientation Fee FT-UG $300
Orientation Fee International Students $150
Parking Permit Fee See Campus Safety
Parking Violation Fee See Campus Safety
Payment Plan Installment Fee $25
Pay for Print: Each Print Over 500/ year $0.10 per print
Prior Learning Portfolio Evaluation Fee $200
Recreational Center Fee $60 Optional for PT Students Only
Return Check Fee $30
Study Abroad  Administration Fee $150 per semester
Summer Academy Fee $300
Summer Enrollment Fee $5 per summer term
Technology Fee (all SPCS, all GRAD, all Doc & PT- CAS/SBA/SOE/SON) $12 per credit
Transcript Fee See Transcripts
Travel Course Administrative Fee $50 per course
Yearbook (All SPCs, GRAD, DOC) $85

Meal Plans


Platinum (19) Plan $3,050 per semester /$6,100 per year
15 Plan $3,050 per semester /$6,100 per year
4 Plan (West Campus Only) $1,650 per semester /$3,300 per year



Millennium /Whelan/ Saint Peter Standard Double $5,565 per semester /$11,130 per year
Millennium /Whelan/ Saint Peter Double as a Single $6,505 per semester /$13,010 per year
Veterans/Durant $5,400 per semester /$10,800 per year


CAS/SBA/SOE/SON:  College of Arts and Sciences / School of Business Administration / School of Education / School of Nursing (Day Undergraduate)
CAS/SBA/SOE/SON PT: Below 12 credits
CAS/SBA/SOE/SON Flat Rate: Semester/Year Tuition for 12-18 credits
CAS/SBA/SOE/SON Above Flat Rate: Semester/Year Tuition up to 18 credits plus per credit rate up to 6 credit overload (19-24 credits)
SPCS: School of Professional and Continuing Studies (Evening Undergraduate)
FT-UG:  Full-time Undergraduate
PT: Part-time student

Comprehensive Fee per semester includes the following:

  • Technology Fee
  • Student Activity
  • Graduation/Yearbook Fee
  • Recreational Life Center Fee
  • Accident Insurance Fee
  • Enrollment Fee

The Orientation Fee is refundable only before Freshman Orientation is held. Effective Fall 2015, all other fees* will be refunded at 100% only within the 100% refund period in accordance with the University Refund Policy. After the 100% refund period has ended, all fees will be non-refundable.

Please see below for a list of fees that are non-refundable at any time:
           Non Refundable Fees*:

  • Dorm Room Deposit
  • Matriculation Fee
  • Return Check Fee
  • Payment Plan Installment Fee
  • Nursing Background Investigative Fee
  • Certification Fee
  • One Card Fee
  • Printing Fee
  • Commuter Plan

*This is not a complete list of fees that are non-refundable. For questions about a specific fee not listed here, please contact the Office of Student Accounts by phone at (201) 761-7440 or by e-mail at studentaccounts@saintpeters.edu.

*One-time exam fee for undergraduate majors in Accountancy, Business Management, Marketing Management and International Business and for Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Accountancy and Dual Degree: MBA and MSA in Accountancy.