Enrollment Services

Leave of Absence and/or Withdrawal Policy

Any student wishing to withdraw from the University or obtain a leave of absence must secure and complete the appropriate form from the Enrollment Services Center.  Students withdrawing from the University for any reason after the start of any term will receive refunds according to the University’s refund schedule.

Overload credits dropped after the end of the add/drop period for the semester (or trimester for SPS courses) are subject to Overload Tuition, less refunds, in accordance with the University’s refund schedule.

Students who have registered as full-time students and who subsequently drop courses and thus become part-time students will be responsible for paying the higher of: a) Full-time tuition less the refund they receive if they had withdrawn completely from the University or b) the per-credit part-time tuition for the courses in which they remain enrolled.

For scholarship students, any courses dropped after the add/drop period are counted toward their credit limit as stated in the letter of award.