Enrollment Services

Billing and Payments

Please refer to the Payment Due Calendar for the balance due dates. Payments may be made by mail, cash, check, money order, credit card (American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa) and the option to pay online by credit card.

To pay online login to SPIRIT Online and select “Pay on my account”. If you are enrolled in a payment plan, select “Pay on my payment plan”. To make monthly payments students may enroll in the University’s installment payment plan. If your employer pays your tuition, you may enroll in our Company Deferment Plan (PDF). Visit the Enrollment Services Center or contact us at the Enrollment Service Center in Jersey City for more information.

Saint Peter’s University Payment Plan

Saint Peter’s University offers a five monthly payment plan for semester students, a three payment plan for trimester students and a two payment plan for all summer terms. The first payment along with a $25.00 fee and a completed Plan Form is due on or before the published date in the course schedule catalog. Download the following PDF forms and mail or fax to the address listed below:

Payment Due Calendar

Term Dates Due Date of the Bill & 1st Payment Due 2nd Payment Due 3rd Payment Due 4th Payment Due 5th Payment Due
Spring 2020 Undergraduate Semester (20SPSU) Jan 15 – May 13 8-Jan 15-Feb 15-Mar 15-Apr 15-May
Spring 2020 Graduate/Doctorate Semester (20SPSG) Jan 21 – May 13 15-Jan 12-Feb 11-Mar 8-Apr 6-May
Spring 2020 Graduate Trimester (20SPTR) Feb 27 – May 16 20-Feb 19-Mar 16-Apr
Spring 1 RN to BSN Express Track Nursing, 8-Week Modules & Online RN to BSN (20SP1) Jan 13 – March 7 6-Jan 6-Jan
Spring 2 RN to BSN Express Track Nursing, 8-Week Modules & Online RN to BSN (20SP2) March 16 – May 9 9-Mar 8-Apr
Summer UG Intersession A (20SMUA) May 19 – June 8 13-May 27-May
Summer UG Intersession A (20SMUB) June 15 – July 1 3-Jun 17-Jun
Summer UG Session 1 (20SMU1) May 19 – June 30 13-May 17-Jun
Summer UG Session 2 (20SMU2) July 6 – Aug 13 26-Jun 24-Jul
Summer MBA/MSA, MSN/DNP (20SMG1) May 19 – July 30 13-May 15-Jul
Summer MAE, EDD (20SMG2) May 19 – June 23 13-May 17-Jun
Summer MAE, EDD (20SMG3) June 29 – Jul 29 17-Jun 19-Jul
Summer MSP, EDD (20SMG4) May 19 – July 30 13-May 17-Jun
Summer MAE, EDD (20SMG5) July 6 – Aug 13 26-Jun 24-Jul
Fall 2020 Undergraduate Semester(20FASU) Aug 26 – Dec 17 14-Aug 15-Sep 15-Oct 15-Nov 15-Dec
Fall 2020 Graduate/Doctorate Semester (20FASG) Sept 8 – Dec 23 27-Aug 24-Sep 22-Oct 19-Nov 17-Dec
Fall 2020 Graduate Trimester (20FATR) Sept 8 – Nov 23 24-Aug 21-Sep 26-Oct
Fall 1 RN to BSN Nursing, 8-Week Modules & Online RN to BSN(20FA1) Sept 8 – Oct 31 25-Aug 22-Sep
Fall 2 RN to BSN Nursing, 8-Week Modules & Online RN to BSN (20FA2) Nov 2 – Dec 23 19-Oct 23-Nov
Winter Trimester Graduate (20WNTR) Nov 30 – Feb 27 23-Nov 21-Dec 18-Jan
Winter Intersession Undergraduate (21WINT) Dec 26 – Jan 16 21-Dec 11-Jan