Enrollment Services


Requests for a registration appeal after a deadline has passed must be accompanied by appropriate documentation about circumstances that prevented the student from add/drop/withdrawing within the required time limits. To submit this request, visit the ESC Forms and click on Retroactive Petition for Changes to Registration and/or Tuition. The Dean and the Registrar will review your circumstances and then grant or deny the request.

All other appeals related to registration must be directed to the Director, Dean or Chair of the department in question.

For billing item appeals a written explanation must be emailed to the Student Accounts office at studentaccounts@saintpeters.edu. In the written explanation include your name, student ID number, the item in question, the reason and the amount of appeal. The appeal must be received no later than 30 days after the start term in question.

To view the University’s refund periods and term schedule, visit
Refund Policies
and Refund Schedule.

For financial aid questions and concerns related to awards, scholarship, grants and loans email financialaid@saintpeters.edu. For more information related to aid visit Student Financial Aid.