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Career Assessment

Focus 2 – the Interactive Career Guidance System

Focus 2 is a web-based career assessment specifically designed to help you explore majors and careers. It is fun and easy to use. The system allows you to create a personal profile which you can assess at anytime for further review and exploration.

Benefits of using Focus 2

Decide on a Major: Obtain a list of recommended majors based on your personal preferences and abilities. Select from majors offered at Saint Peter’s University.

Explore Career Options: Identify careers that match your values, interests and skills. See how your major aligns with different career paths.

Refine Your Job Search: Check out current employment trends, projected job growth and salary outlooks for a variety of careers.

Develop an Action Plan: Outline the steps you need to take to be career ready.

Make Informed Decisions: Know the skills, qualifications and education required to be successful in your chosen career.

How to schedule a Focus 2 session

Make an appointment with CEEL for a personalized Focus 2 session. A CEEL adviser will guide you through the process of setting up a personal profile and analyzing your assessment results. Recommended action steps will be discussed at the conclusion of your session.