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Student Success Stories

Graduates of Saint Peter’s University are helping to build its reputation through their own accomplishments in industry and academia. The best way to learn the value of a Saint Peter’s Jesuit education is from those who have experienced it.  Several of our recent graduates share their stories in making a successful transition from the classroom to the world-of-work:

Photo of James Hall

James Hall, ’18
Management Associate GOLD Program,
Con Edison

The deciding factor for why I chose to attend Saint Peter’s University was the conversation I had with representatives from the Center for Career Engagement and Experiential Learning (CEEL) at Accepted Students Day 2014. Our conversation revolved around the student placement rate for accounting majors, the relationships the office cultivated with different financial firms, and how Saint Peter’s proximity to New York City gives students an advantage in the recruiting process. I knew immediately I was in good hands and enrolled as a student the next day.

Throughout my freshman and sophomore year, I attended several of the CEEL- sponsored employer information events, resume workshops, and career seminars. However, my direct relationship with the office began at the start of my junior year when I was selected to be one of the first ten students to participate in the Goldman Sachs Local College Collaborative Program, which was coordinated and supported by CEEL. The GSLCC is a special professional development program, which consisted of a series of professional sessions to enhance career skills, provide insight to career options, and foster meaningful dialogue between students and experienced professionals using a case study project and workshops. The success of our team would not have been possible without the support of CEEL.

In August 2017, Mr. Enzo Fonzo, CEEL’s Director for Senior Career Engagement and Success, hired me as his assistant for the 2017-2018 academic year. My role evolved into being named the first Senior Year Experience Peer Advisor. In this role, I supported Mr. Fonzo in the career advisement of students and served as a peer resource and mentor, which included planning/conducting innovative programming initiatives, assisting students in writing cover letters, critiquing resumes and editing LinkedIn Profiles. In the fall of 2017, I participated in On-Campus Recruiting interviews. CEEL gave me the skills, training, and alumni contacts to get me prepared for these full- time opportunities. I was offered a full-time position as a Management Associate in the nationally prestigious Con Edison GOLD Program, which I started in June 2018.

I can say with complete confidence that CEEL is the hardest working office at the university, hands down. Working in the office was the highlight of my college career. CEEL did not only help me land my first job—they also gave me the tools and guidance to build a successful career. I encourage all students to get involved with CEEL as early as possible. Everyone in the office wants to see you succeed—so get started!

Christina Cardenas

Christina Cardenas
MBA Human Resources/MSA Accounting 2014, BS Accounting 2012
Audit Associate- CohnReznick

Saint Peter’s has been my home for the past 7 years. Career Services gave me the opportunity to earn experience and learn the importance of planning ahead. I was certain that I would study mathematics, until facing many struggles, my first supervisor, the late Mrs. Evelyn Herbert, encouraged me to utilize the Discover program (now Kuder Journey program) to see what major would better suit my interests. Accountancy and Business were the results and this spurred my change in major and career path. As I continued working, my career path became clearer. In the Summer 2010, Dr. Peter Gotlieb assisted me in obtaining an internship at Housing Authority of the City of Bayonne, which lasted four years. I started in the inspections department and was transferred as the intern within the accountancy department. Through this internship I was able to gain hands on experience alongside a CPA certified accountant. I would have not had the opportunity to achieve this mile stone had it not been for the confidence and training I had from Career Services and Cooperative Education & Internships. In May of 2012 I earned my Bachelors’ Degree in Accountancy. In the Fall of 2013 I was able to participate with On-Campus Recruiting for accounting. The Career Services office gave me the training and skills to excel in the On-Campus Recruiting interviews. I was fortunate to be offered a full-time position with CohnReznick, which I will be starting in November 2014.

Career Services is the reason I have been able to reach and accomplish many goals. If it was not for the Director, Enzo Fonzo, to believe in me to be his Office Assistant and Graduate Assistant, I would have not accomplished as much as I have. These opportunities helped me gain experience and build my confidence as a student and employee. I truly encourage students to start as early as their freshman year in speaking with the Cooperative Education & internships Program and the Office of Career Services. Starting early to plan for your future is important! Companies seek for students to hold internships within their fields of study. The early you start this, the sooner you will know if you are in the right career path. Career Services helped me figure out where I really should be. Without their help, I would still be trying to figure out what to do. Both these offices are there to provide you with guidance, but you have to do your part too. You have to be willing to help yourself before someone else can. Ask questions, be persistent, and never give up. Although, life will throw you obstacles; it is how you get through them that will determine your strength. Work hard and seeking the right help will guide you to your career path.

spencer parcel

Spencer Parcel ’14 Accounting, Accounting Associate – Ernst & Young, LLP

I came to Saint Peter’s University as a junior, and I was very eager to gain professional experience. Through the recommendations of several students, I came in contact with Mr. Crescenzo Fonzo, Director of Career Services and Dr. Peter Gotlieb, Associate Dean of Experiential Learning and Career Services. Mr Fonzo, Dr. Gotlieb, and their staffs were extremely helpful in many aspects. They provided me with a vast amount of resources, which lead to an internship in the accounting department at Avis Budget Group. I participated in this internship from my junior year until the summer after graduation. This experience was extremely beneficial as it allowed me to apply my technical accounting skills to real life situations.

At the start of my senior year, Mr. Fonzo got me in touch with several major Accounting firms with the potential to obtain a full-time offer. The experience I gained throughout my internship was extremely beneficial throughout this process. Mr. Fonzo and his staff provided me with the tools and guidance I needed to feel prepared for such important interviews. I ended up accepting a full-time offer with Ernst and Young, LLP as an Accounting Associate. As an accounting student, I couldn’t imagine a better place to start my career. I would encourage all Saint Peter’s students to get in touch with Mr. Fonzo and Dr. Gotlieb’s offices as they will provide you with a vast amount of resources which are extremely beneficial.


Enkhtaivan “Tony” Oyunbazar ’14
Economics, Analyst – Ryan Labs Asset Management

Coming into Saint Peter’s University as a freshman, I knew that I wanted to be in the field of Financial Services. Saint Peter’s University’s proximity to the financial center of the world, New York City, presents limitless opportunities to its students. The hands-on education and the professors who have professional experience in their respective fields helped us gain insight and knowledge of the business world.

However, the opportunities are not just handed to you. You have to know what you want to do and you have to work hard to reach your goals. The great news is that there are people and resources at the university who will help you achieve these goals. The Cooperative Education and Internship Program and the Office of Career Services are extremely helpful resources that will prepare you to be a qualified candidate. They teach you everything from how to dress up for an interview to how to sell yourself for that dream job.

The resume workshops, interview workshops, career fairs, and the alumni connections have been incredibly helpful. As a result of the mentorship, advice, and the constant preparation given by Dr. Peter Gotlieb and Mr. Enzo Fonzo; I am working as an analyst at a professional financial asset management firm in New York City. One advice to give my peers, it’s never too early to start meeting these wonderful people and utilizing the resources they provide. I will never forget the day when I entered Henneberry Hall as a naive freshman to attend a resume workshop. They welcomed me with open arms, they will do the same for you.

Evan Wolpin

Evan Wolpin ’14
Business Management, Customer Service Associate – TD Bank

At Saint Peter’s University, I majored in Business Management and Minored in Management Information Systems as well as Economics graduating in spring 2014. Entering my senior year I had been interning at a New Jersey Wealth Management firm but I always knew I wanted to enter the banking industry.

Enzo played an important part in my job search. He greatly helps with your resume, aids in interview skills as well as directs workshops that will aid you in all aspects of your job search and interviewing. His office in addition organizes career fairs each semester with companies in the greater New York City area. Enzo and Janice take interest in each student that walks through their door and is a vital asset for all students at Saint Peter’s. Because of Enzo and his staff I will now be beginning my career at TD Bank in New York as a Customer Service Associate.

renee brzyski

Renee Brzyski ’13
Sociology, Currently enrolled in M.S. in Occupational Therapy Program
Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences, Class of 2016

The Office of Career Services at Saint Peter’s University has helped me greatly in guiding my career goals during my senior year. I was able to attend workshops and lectures hosted by Mr. Enzo Fonzo, Director of Career Services, who elaborated on necessary interviewing skills to aid in employment opportunities. I was also able to compare and contrast graduate schools as well as the prospective demand and salary comparisons of the occupation of my choice (Occupational Therapy). The Career Services Office was fantastic in answering any concerns I had about scholarship opportunities and linked me with informative individuals that had further information about my concerns. I would recommend that students use Career Services as a valuable resource that would help them with their career goals.

Nick Pucci

Nicholas Pucci ’13
Accounting, PDP Accountant – BASF Corporation

Mr. Crescenzo Fonzo and Dr. Peter Gotlieb were two of the most influential staff members that I had the opportunity to work with during my undergraduate studies at Saint Peter’s University. Mr. Fonzo and Dr. Gotlieb do a fantastic job representing the Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program and definitely serve as invaluable resources when searching for an internship or employment opportunity. From the summer of my sophomore year to the start of my senior year, I worked in the accounting department of Major League Baseball Network. This served as a fabulous experience which allowed me to obtain credits through the Cooperative Education and Internship Program while having the ability to apply the accounting knowledge I learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

With assistance from the Office of Career Services, I applied to the prestigious Accounting Professional Development Program at BASF Corporation during the first semester of my senior year. Using the knowledge I acquired from the various interview seminars held by the Office of Career Services, I greatly excelled during the interview process leading to a full-time offer from BASF Corporation. I am now happily a member of BASF Corporation and could not thank Mr. Fonzo and Dr. Gotlieb enough for the constant support and guidance throughout my undergraduate studies. Whether you are looking for resume tips, internship opportunities, or career fair information, do not hesitate to stop by the Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program to help find the perfect match for you.


samana bhatta

Samana Bhatta ’12,’13
Accounting and Economics, M.S. Accounting
Tax Dept. – Ernst & Young

I have called Saint Peter’s my second home since I moved here from Kathmandu, Nepal in August 2008 as an international student. I completed my undergraduate degree in Accounting and Economics in 2012 and decided to stay one more year to complete my Master’s in Accounting.

I remember coming here as a freshman who was unaware not only about the school, but also about the culture and surroundings. My friends, professors, and other professionals at Saint Peter’s have been phenomenal in helping me adjust. I went to see Dr. Peter Gotlieb as per the suggestion of my professors in my freshman year. Since then, not only has he helped me connect with professionals in my field, but also given various advice for my career that have made major differences. With his help, I was able to get an internship in the Tax department at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. in May 2009. I learned so much in my three years there and met people who are my friends and mentors to this day. I was also heavily involved on campus with the school newspaper, Resident Assistant position, and other activities. Every single one of these experiences has helped me grow on some level.

Saint Peter’s also has a very strong alumni base. Sharon Morissey and Jenny Campbell in the Advancement Office have been ever so helpful in helping me connect with alumni. After completing my undergraduate studies, I started another Accounting internship at Public Service Enterprise Group (PSE&G) while going to school for my Master’s. Mr. Mark Kahrer, Director of Business Performance and Improvement at PSE&G and also the Chair of the Board of Regents at Saint Peter’s, is an alumni who has been the greatest mentor for my career. He is one of the biggest well wishers of Saint Peter’s and its students.

While I was doing my Graduate studies, I was also a Graduate Assistant at the Office of Residence Life. This office is really where I learned to be a true leader. I cannot thank them enough for their overall support for my educational, professional, and personal development. Today, I have graduated with my MS in Accounting and I have accepted an offer to start a full time position in the Tax Department at Ernst & Young. I am very excited to be taking this big step towards bigger things in my career. This was possible with the continued guidance and support of Mr. Crescenzo Fonzo, Director of Career Services, and Mr. Mark Kahrer, as well as my co-worker Denise Martinetti.

There are many names that come to my mind when I think of people that I must thank for who I am today and they include my friends, family, professors, co-workers, mentors, etc. I consider myself very fortunate for that and every single student at Saint Peter’s is just as fortunate. I highly encourage them to meet Mr. Fonzo and Dr. Gotlieb for career advice and to not hesitate to meet new people and build new relationships. Your hard work will always lead to success if you are willing to make it happen.

John Rocchio '12 Economics and Psychology GOLD Program Management Associate –Con Edison

John Rocchio ’12
Economics and Psychology
GOLD Program Management Associate –Con Edison

Coming into my senior year at Saint Peter’s, I knew that I wanted to get a job after finishing my undergraduate education. But in an economy like ours, it seemed like a daunting prospect. I was beginning to think that I would probably just accept the first offer that I received. I had very little knowledge about where I could work or how the interview process was conducted. Although I had gotten several jobs before coming to the Office of Career Services, I didn’t have any experience in any fields that were compatible with my major.

After visiting the Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program I was able to remedy all of that. They were able to help me fine-tune my resume, taught me what to expect on an interview, and instructed me in how to professionally write a cover letter and other types of correspondence. I applied for the Consolidated Edison GOLD Program in the first semester of my senior year. However because there was a long interview process and I was unsure of my future I continued to interview with other companies. Before I knew it, I obtained a part-time job with Axa-Equitable that could have become a full-time job after graduation. In the end I chose the offer made by Con Ed and am currently a Gold Program Management Associate. Without the help of the Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program I would have never have thought it possible to be in a position to choose which career better suited me. I would like to thank both departments for their guidance and influence.

Gerard Iovino '12 International Business and Trade Management Trainee Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Gerard Iovino ’12
International Business and Trade
Management Trainee
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program were both extremely helpful during my undergraduate career at Saint Peter’s College. Every student at Saint Peter’s College should be consistently in contact with both of these offices on campus. The staff of these two offices work hard to put together two Career Fairs per year, they help students to write resumes, cover letters, and offers one of the best resources in “Perfect Interview.”- an online tutorial. This is a valuable tool, which helps students to better prepare for interviews.

During the first semester of my Senior year, I met a recruiter from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the Career Fair and interviewed for a Management Trainee Intern position. I was hired for the last semester of my Senior year, and now upon graduation have a full time position with the company as a Management Trainee.

I would like to personally thank everyone in the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education and Internship Program for helping me to successfully transition from the classroom to the “real world.” It is all because these Career Fairs they put together that I have the opportunity to work with Enterprise Rent-A-Car as a full-time Management Trainee right after graduation.

Walter Stacey '12 Accounting Entry-Level Audit Associate KPMG, LLP

Walter Stacey ’12
Entry-Level Audit Associate

I walked the halls of Saint Peter’s College during my Sophomore year, an as accounting major with no experience in my field of study, no interviews lined up, and utterly clueless. Even after going through countless job opportunity websites and online career placement programs, it was still very difficult for me to even be selected for an interview. I felt as though I was one name on a list of hundreds of other candidates better qualified for the same work experience that I was seeking. It wasn’t until a fellow classmate introduced me to Enzo Fonzo, Office of Career Services and Dr. Peter Gotlieb, Cooperative Education and Internship Program, that I started to receive recognition from major accounting firms and large scale companies. The Office of Career Services guided me to the path of employment through career fairs and setting up interviews with representatives from firms they believed were best suitable for me.

My first job was an internship in the Corporate Tax Department of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, one of the largest investment banks, before the 2008 recession. Working for Lehman Brothers gave me a great deal of experience in audit and taxation within my field of study. The experience I received there was helpful and brought forth knowledge one wouldn’t be able to attain sitting in a classroom. Taking it one step further, the Office of Career Services made it possible for me to have a one-on-one interview with a representative at KPMG and helped me find full time employment in the auditing department at KPMG. The connections that the Office of Career Services has and the dedication they showed in searching for employment for the students show that they truly care about the student body. Making it so they are not just one name in a list of a thousand names, the people at the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education and Internship Program help students not only find a job, but prepare them for post-graduation employment through all of the job preparation sessions they provide, such as Perfect Interview.

Quaneisha Williams '12 Accounting GOLD Program Management Associate- Con Edison

Quaneisha Williams ’12
GOLD Program Management Associate- Con Edison

As an undergraduate, I had professional goals to achieve but I had no idea on how to accomplish them. My goals included obtaining an internship or any job position pertaining to my major, Accounting. Seeking guidance from the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education and Internship Program was the wisest decision I made for my professional advancement. The staff of the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education and Internship Program frequently notified me via email about job postings relating to Accounting. I took advantage of the job opportunities that were offered because Career Services made job searching less complicated and stressful. A job opportunity as a Management Associate at Con Edison’s Growth Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) Program 2012 for recent graduates presented itself with an on-campus interview, and I applied and interviewed. Con Edison is a reputable utilities organization for New York; the prestigious GOLD program challenges its participants with supervisory and project-based jobs related to their major. I benefited best from Career Services because they distributed sample resumes and revised my resume to perfection. Moreover, they provided workshops to improve my interviewing and leadership skills. After participating in many workshops, I gained confidence in my interview abilities and it reflected during my on-campus interview for Con Edison’s GOLD Program. As a result of taking advantage of the opportunities from Career Service, I am a new participant of Con Edison’s GOLD Program for 2012. Investing time into the Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program is the most beneficial investment for your professional advancement.

Sarah Chu '11 Saint Peter's College Bloomberg Financial Services

Sarah Chu ’11
Saint Peter’s College
Bloomberg Financial Services

The services of both the Cooperative Education and Internship Program and Career Services Office were very helpful to me in my academic career at Saint Peter’s College. Both offices helped strengthen my resume, cover letter, and “thank you letter.” The other career resource that was useful to me was “Perfect Interview”, which helped me build up my confidence in preparing and engaging in a one-to- one personal interview.

The Cooperative Education and Internship Office helped me obtain my first internship during my junior year. The Career Services Office has also been indispensable to me through the Annual Career Fairs and constant communication with everyone- I was always aware of new opportunities. The Career Fair employers were great resources for me in places to apply.

There really is a vast amount of resources for students, but students need to take action early in using them and apply them to the job or internship search. The amount of work you put in to use The Coop Ed and Career Services resources, and keeping in contact with them, will determine the amount of success you have! There is a lot to be learned even if you already have a job or have been at the offices several times; every time I had an interview and needed help even with something as small as thank you note, the Coop Ed and Career Services staff have always been there to assist me.

They really taught me a lot.
You can never know too much!

Barza Hashmi '10 Accounting Staff I Auditor J. H. Cohn LLP

Barza Hashmi ’10
Staff I Auditor
J. H. Cohn LLP

Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program went above and beyond to assist me in getting both an internship and a full-time career. Dr. Peter Gotlieb in Coop Ed always kept me alert on any new internship opportunities available and made sure my resume was well done and up to date. Because of Dr.Gotlieb, I was able to intern for Travel Advocates for one summer. As an intern, I gained a firsthand look on how a business keeps its financial records up to date. Both Enzo Fonzo and Evelyn Herbert in the Office of Career Services did an excellent job to make sure my applications were completed before on-campus recruiting deadlines and I was well- prepared for my interviews. Because of the variety of workshops on interviewing, building a strong resume, and information about careers for an accounting major, I was able to land several interviews and before my senior year.

I received an offer from J.H.Cohn, LLP and was recently promoted as a Staff I Auditor. I am grateful to Career Services & Coop Ed for all the guidance, encouragement, and time they provided to help me get to the career position that I am in today.

Priscila Perez '10 Accounting PDP Program Management Trainee- BASF Corporation

Priscila Perez ’10
PDP Program Management Trainee- BASF Corporation

Life is about making decisions. Those decisions can determine the doors that can open future life time opportunities. Working with the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education and Internship Program during my junior year at Saint Peter’s College has allowed me to enter the business world/environment with great advantage. Taking part in resume workshops, interview sessions, on campus recruiting, information sessions, and networking with great people in the Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program has prepared me to succeed in the professional life I have today. After preparing my resume, interview skills, I obtained a position in Professional Development Program (PDP) with the prestigious BASF Corporation, the chemical company. At BASF, I have obtained experience in different aspects of the business world. I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Office of Career Services and the Cooperative Education and Internship Program who has supported and guided me to be where I am today.