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Taina Cutler – Executive Director (201) 761-6405
Mary Mercado – Associate Director (201) 761-6412
Sondra Riley – Director for Internships & Experiential Learning (201) 761-6413
Daryl Levy – Coordinator, TREX Internships (201) 761-6410


Saint Peter’s students often turn to faculty and staff as they explore different career options and develop their strategy for career success. Thank you for providing support, assistance and referrals for students!

CEEL is always looking for opportunities to partner with our faculty and staff. Here is how we can make that happen:

  • Advocate for Career Engagement and Reflection – Encourage students to follow the steps outlined in our Four Year Career Plan, “Pathways to Career Success”. Align the plan with your classroom activities and discussions.
  • Partner with CEEL – Identify ways to integrate career training into the curricula (i.e., resume preparation, interview skills, professional networking)
  • Have CEEL host a Career Class – or bring your class for a tour of our office! To schedule a Career Preparation Class contact us at careerengagement@saintpeters.edu.
  • Refer internships, jobs and employer contacts – Your connections with employers can make a difference for our students. Help us in identifying and building the professional networks that our students and alumni can benefit from. We want to partner with you! To make a referral, please complete the Industry Partner Referral Form and email it to careerengagement@saintpeters.edu.
    Network with employers at our events (they want to meet you!) – Attend our Career Fairs and participate in our employer showcases and information sessions. Take a look at our Calendar of Events.
  • Take Advantage of our Team of Career Coaches and Professionals