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Build a Professional Resume

Prepare an Effective Resume!

A resume is a concise summary of your professional and academic skills, experience, qualifications and accomplishments. It is essential to the job search and graduate school application process. The main purpose of a resume is to get you an interview! Therefore, your resume should be continuously updated and revised to match the opportunities you are applying for.

Need to write a resume but don’t know where to begin?

CEEL offers monthly resume writing workshops to help you develop an effective resume. View a calendar of our upcoming career preparation workshops and, once you have a draft of your resume, you should make an appointment with us for a professional resume review. A CEEL adviser will work with you to create a professional resume you can use for on-campus recruiting, Career Fairs, and your job search.

We offer a variety of resume samples for different majors and industries. Drop by our office to pick up our complimentary Resume Guide.