Residence Life

Prohibited Items

The following is a list of prohibited items for all Saint Peter’s University owned and operated Residence Halls.  For any questions or concerns please contact your Community Director, email us at, or call the main office at (201) 761-7130.

Prohibited Items East and West Campus:

  • Accelerants – gasoline, benzene, flammable liquids, lighter fluid, chemicals, charcoal, or other flammable liquids.
  • Acoustic devices – DJ equipment, sound amplifiers, bass boxes, musical instruments, or other loud acoustic devices.
  • Alcohol or drug related trophy or display items – alcohol containers, kegs, pipes, hookahs, bongs, or other alcohol or drug related display items.
  • Appliances – any appliance that exceeds 500 watts, has an exposed heating element, does not have an auto shut-off mechanism, or is not UL approved.
  • Cooking devices – hot plates, heating coils, coffee makers without an auto shut-off mechanism, bread makers, pressure cookers, convection ovens, fryers, charcoal or electric or gas grills, toaster ovens, electric skillets, camping stoves, sandwich makers or Panini presses, waffle makers, hot oil popcorn poppers, roaster, or other cooking devices without auto shut-off protection.
  • External signal devices – wired or wireless: radio antennas, satellite dishes, hubs, routers, or any hardware that protrudes from a window or attaches to the exterior of a residence hall.
  • High intensity or high output lighting – halogen, liquid filled, octopus or other multi bulb style lamps with plastic domes or other high-intensity lamps.  Octopus style lamps with metal or glass domes are permitted.
  • Non University installed/issued air conditioners – stand alone, window, portable units, or other cooling systems.
  • Open flame, ember devices, or items that produce smoke or vapors – candles, fireworks, explosives, oil lamps, grills, incense,  or other open flame or ember devices or device that produces smoke.
  • Other prohibited items: any extension cord without a ground (less than three prongs),  dartboards, contact paper, glow in the dark paper or designs, paint, gardening equipment, concrete, retail store shopping carts, laser pointers, electrical blankets, soldering irons, immersion sun lamps, candle warmer, wax warmer, fog machines, immersion coils, kerosene lamps, live-cut trees or any plant larger than three feet tall, live wreaths,  flammable decorations, window treatments, non-University issued mattress, non-University issued furniture, lofts,  waterbeds, televisions exceeding 42 inches, neon signs, neon lights, colored or black lights, strings of lights, traffic or construction signs, holiday lights, sun tanning equipment, power tools, weightlifting equipment, pools, lock picking devices, gas engines, any form of combustible engine, poisonous chemicals, fuels, automobile batteries, and toxic chemicals.
  • Outlet adapters – multi-plug outlets, multi-plug adapters, or outlet extenders.  Power strips with surge protection are permitted however, may not be used in succession.
  • Pets – no pets of any kind.
  • Weapons (actual, theatrical, or simulated weapons) – handguns, shotguns, rifles, pellet guns, paintball guns, martial arts weapons, arrows, ammunition, machine guns, stun guns, tasers, or electronic stun weapons; bombs, grenades, blasting caps, or other containers containing explosive substances; knives (except small personal pocket knives with folding blades that are less than three (3) inches in length), tear gas, mace, chemical substances, brass knuckles, clubs, or chains.

East Campus Restrictions:

  • Microwaves – Only University issued devices.  Limit one per resident.
  • Refrigerators – University issued or no larger than 2 cubic feet.  Limit one per resident.

West Campus Restrictions:

  • Microwaves –Limit one per apartment.
  • Refrigerators – Only University issued devices.  Limited one per apartment.
  • Rice cooker – Auto shut-off mechanism required. Limited one per apartment.
  • Crockpot – Auto shut-off mechanism required. Limited one per apartment
  • Blender – Auto shut-off mechanism required. Limited one per apartment
  • Toaster – Auto shut-off mechanism required. Limited one per apartment