Frequently Asked Questions

Why recruit at Saint Peter’s University?

Saint Peter’s urban location and focus on research and cutting-edge majors prepares students to be innovative and productive in today’s world. Here are some other good reasons to consider our students for your organization:
  • Student Diversity: Saint Peter’s University has the most diverse student population among the 28 Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the nation, with more than 65 countries represented and 37 languages spoken.
  • Academic Excellence:  Our students are educated in the 450 year-old Jesuit tradition to excel intellectually, lead ethically, and serve compassionately. Faculty are tasked with developing rigorous and relevant curriculum that emphasizes effective communication skills (oral and written), information and computer literacy, technical competencies, and team-work/collaboration.
  • Low Student-to-Faculty Ratio: Small class sizes ensure that students have ample opportunities to interact and mentor with faculty.  Caring and committed faculty create an engaging learning environment that emphasizes practical applications of what is learned in the classroom.
  • Community Engagement: Students participate in volunteer work and community service and are prepared to be “Men and Women for Others”.
  • Focus on Career Readiness: At Saint Peter’s career preparedness starts in the Freshman Year. Students are encouraged to get internships and work experience before their Junior Year. CEEL works closely with students to help them develop transferable skills and professional etiquette.

How can I maximize my organization’s visibility on your campus?

CEEL offers a variety of opportunities for you to connect with our students:

  • Arrange an info table at our Student Center.
  • Meet our faculty and speak to students in a classroom setting.
  • Attend our Career & Internship Fairs in the Fall and Spring Semesters.
  • Sponsor a student club and develop a receptive audience for your organization.
  • Schedule an Information Session to promote your organization and meet students.
For more information, contact Daryl Levy at (201) 761-6410 or dlevy1@saintpeters.edu

How can I arrange on-campus interviews?

On-campus recruiting events are scheduled during the Fall and Spring semesters several weeks prior to final exams. For more information or to schedule on-campus recruiting, contactDaryl Levy at (201) 761-6410 or dlevy1@saintpeters.edu

Do you charge a fee for your on-campus recruiting program?

We do not charge employers a fee to conduct on-campus recruiting. We consider it our privilege to work with you to find the best candidates!

How do I post an internship or job opening with CEEL?

We encourage you to register and post positions on SPLink – Our Virtual Career Center. Click here to set up an employer account.

To post a co-op position, please contact Sondra Riley at (201) 761-6413 or sriley@saintpeters.edu. CEEL will promote your position to students and refer appropriate candidates. You are not required to organize a formal program. However, we ask that you provide a supervised work/learning environment and complete a student evaluation at the conclusion of the work assignment. While some students will accept an unpaid internship in exchange for academic credit, you will maximize your chances of success by offering students a competitive wage. Just ask us for ideas of reasonable pay rates/wages.